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TBRR @ CreekCon 2015

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It's a bit late, but it might be worth a look. A few weeks ago Texas Brick Railroad was invited to the first annual CreekCon at Clear Creek High School. While this comic book convention was a first go-round, you wouldn't have guessed it by the turn-out. Nearly 1400 people paid entry to the one-day event, a very impressive number for a small town deal.

TBRR @ CreekCon 2015 Gallery

16181827900_68555852b4_m.jpgCreekCon-2015_02 by SavaTheAggie, on Flickr

16183302757_b41a012962_m.jpgCreekCon-2015_06 by SavaTheAggie, on Flickr

16343198906_83c55f3458_m.jpgCreekCon-2015_07 by SavaTheAggie, on Flickr

16181503668_b5e23f8832_m.jpgCreekCon-2015_14 by SavaTheAggie, on Flickr

16182891689_1823464660_m.jpgCreekCon-2015_18 by SavaTheAggie, on Flickr

16369099435_7ee4d0901f_m.jpgCreekCon-2015_19 by SavaTheAggie, on Flickr

16183178667_5f9d32ea02_m.jpgCreekCon-2015_29 by SavaTheAggie, on Flickr

16181423438_b61b5b7c22_m.jpgCreekCon-2015_31 by SavaTheAggie, on Flickr


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Love that layout! Lots of cool things to grab your attention at all points. Love the model train layout on the model train layout. What really makes it is all the trees. Got any tree building tips or LDD instructions to get me started?

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