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Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

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Mine pirate sets are:





6260 (just ordered it :thumbup: )


6270, combined with set 1788

6270-1.gif & 1788-1.gif

6285 (got it as birthday present when I was a child)








6274 with 2 extra canons


6276 (with a extra prison)


6255 (dutch version)


Wishlist is maybe:


All small sets & 6285 I had already had in 1989, some of them I sold :pir_bawling: later. The other 3 big sets I bought last year.

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I nearly forgot to mention that I've acquired a MSIB 6260 Shipwreck Island!

I've also acquired another used 6260 Shipwreck Island, Islander Catamaran and a Palm Hideout as well.

I have a Saber Island and Forbidden Island coming but I may donate them as future prizes.

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Bought 6232 - Skeleton Crew, 6247 - Bounty Boat and 6259 - Broadside's Brig today, just waiting till they ship/arrive, I'll add them to my list when I have them.

All duplicates (or triples) of sets I already have, but my imperial and pirate armies are slowly growing :pir-classic:. Still not that big, with only a 110 pirate themed minifigs total I think, but at least I have every pirate theme torso (even got "steve" twice, only 1 of them has a cracked torso), except the islander female :pir-hmpf_bad:.

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I bought a MSIB 6263 a few months ago...

That's my only offical set, but I have a number of other figs including a blue guard and 2 other pirates.


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At the moment I've got Renegade Runner, 1989 Black Seas Barracuda (available for sell if someone intrested in), and 2002 Legend Barracuda.

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Unfortunately, I only have the re-release of the black seas baracuda. But man its a good ship. I hope to add to my collection with the 2009 pirate sets. (The pictures are floating around the internet) :jollyroger:

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Got myself a 6265 - Sabre Island, in like new condition :pir-sweet: (except from a broken clip on the large flag)

I also recently aquired a female islander minifig, so I finally have all the different pirate theme torso's :pir-grin: (female islander, woodhouse, anchor chest tattoo pirate and both armada admiral/captain only once, but at least 2 of the rest (altought my 2nd merchant and 2nd broadside aren't excactly in good condition).

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Hi, I'm new here so first post, let be my collection. I started to collect a month ago and till now I have:

6257 Castaway's Raft

6270 Forbidden Island x2

6273 Rock Island Refuge

6274 Caribbean Clipper

6280 Armada Flagship

6285 Black Seas Barracuda

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Adding 6289 - Red Beard Runner to my list :pir-classic:. Glad to have "the 3" big ships now.

Not a 100% complete (missing string, weapons and about 5 bricks/plates), but in generally great condition (like new allmost, especially the sails), with instructions and box+ got it fairly cheap (40€ inc. shipping)

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HMMM.. Lets see i have

1. Ship wrecked pirate

2. Renagades raft

3. Buried treasure

4. Castaways raft

5. Carribean Clipper (My Biggest Ship Im So proud of it :pir-sweet: )

6. Imperial Flagship

7. foridden island

8. saber island

9. ship wreck island

10. Harbor sentry

12. Lagoon lock up

WIsh list

1.Red beard runner



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I think I've never made my list, so now mine comes:

6232 Skeleton Crew

6234 Renegade's Raft

6245 Harbor Sentry

6259 Broadside's Brig

6268 Renegade Runner (the pride of my pirates as child)

6270 Forbidden Island*

6271 Imperial Flagship

6277 Imperial Trading Post*

6280 Armada Flagship

6286 Skull's Eye Schooner*

All those just black is from my childhood. and then I'm not sure which one of these I had, 'caus i have some additional pirate minifigs, but i have no clue which of these it might come from. Not sure about

6237 Pirates' Plunder

6251 Pirate Mini Figures

6252 Sea Mates

The red ones are those I've bought in the last year (my pirate-career :pir-blush: )

The ones with *'s i also got the boxes.

I bought these four: Forbidden Island, Imperial Flagship, Imperial Trading Post, Skull's Eye Schooner and also this 6090 Royal Knight's Castle (with box) this weekend. The deal of my life I think. I wasn't told, that the 6271 Imperial Flagship was among them, so that was the best bonus ever. In additional I got lots of other random bricks as well. And the best of it all: I only payed like 200€ :pir-sweet: It was soooo sweet.

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I currently have no LEGO Pirates but have some minifigs and accessories including Blue Coats, Red coats, Various Pirates and weapons as well as animals.

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Which Pirate sets do you have???

This thread is linked to the

The Pirate LEGO Directory

MOCs don't count (I created a thread for those elsewhere), only official Lego sets. Pirate LEGO includes Pirate, Solider, Imperial Guard, Indigo Island and Imperial Amarda sets.

If you're not certain of the names of the sets, some references:

LUGNET list of SYSTEM Pirate sets

The Fibblesnork Pirate Guide

Brickset.com list of SYSTEM Pirate sets

legofigs.com list of SYSTEM Pirate sets

Also if you WANT particular Pirate sets, you can also include a Wish List as well.

Here's what I HAVE


1492 Battle Cove

1696 Pirate Lookout

1802 Treasure Tidy 3rd March 2008

1713 Shipwrecked Pirate

1729 Barnacle Bay

6236 King Kahuka x 3

6237 Pirates' Plunder

6244 Armada Sentry 3rd March 2008

6245 Harbor Sentry x 3

6246 Crocodile Cage

6247 Bounty Boat 3rd March 2008

6248 Volcano Island

6256 Islander Catamaran x 2

6262 King Kahuka's Throne x 2

6263 Imperial Outpost x 2

6290 Red Beard Runner

6291 Armada Flagship Ship x 2

6292 Enchanted Island

10040 Black Seas Barracuda x 2


1795 Imperial Cannon +1 new 8th February 2008

1729 Barnacle Bay +1 new 8th February 2008

1464 Pirate Lookout x 2

1492 Battle Cove

1713 Shipwrecked Pirate x 2

1802 Treasure Tidy

1970 Pirate's Gun Cart

6232 Skeleton Crew x 2

6234 Renegade's Raft x 3

6235 Buried Treasure x 4

6237 Pirates Plunder

6246 Crocodile Cage

6248 Volcano Island

6256 Islander Catamaran x 2

6246 Crocodile Cage x 2

6247 Bounty Boat x 3

6248 Volcano Island x 2

6249 Pirates Ambush

6250 Cross Bone Clipper x 2

6251 Pirate Mini Figures

6252 Sea Mates

6254 Rocky Reef

6255 Pirate Comic

6256 Islander Catamaran x 2

6257 Castaway's Raft

6258 Smuggler's Shanty

6259 Broadside's Brig

6260 Shipwreck Island x 4

6261 Raft Raiders x 3

6262 King Kahuka's Throne

6263 Imperial Outpost

6264 Forbidden Cove x 2

6236 King Kahuka x 2

6265 Sabre Island x 4

6266 Cannon Cove x 3

6267 Lagoon Lock-Up x 3

6268 Renegade Runner x 2

6270 Forbidden Island x 3

6271 Imperial Flagship x 2

6273 Rock Island Refuge

6274 Caribbean Clipper x 2

6276 Eldorado Fortress x 2

6277 Imperial Trading Post x 2

6278 Enchanted Island x 3

6279 Skull Island

6281 Pirates Perilous Pitfall x 2

6286 Skulls Eye Schooner

6290 Red Beard Runner 3rd March 2008

6291 Armada Flagship Ship

6296 Shipwrecked

MISB means Mint In Sealed Box for those who don�t know

BOLD RED indicates a new addition.

I have :

6245 harbor sentry x2

6251 pirate minifigs

6263 imperial outpost

6267 lagoon lock-up

I plan to make moc's out of every set once I have 3 or more of the same set.

For castle , I have 2 wolfpack towers and 1 renegade cart. I plan to make a wolfpack moc once I have 5 to 6 towers.

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Well, apparently, according to my Peeron set list, which is the only one that I keep updated I have:

1492 Battle COve

6247-1 Bounty Boat

6243 Brickbeard's Bounty X2

6239 Cannon Battle X6

7072 captain Kragg's Pirate Boat X3

6245 Harbor Sentry

6271 Imperial Flagship

6256 Islander Catamaran

6240 Kraken Attackin'

6241 Loot Island

6192 Pirate Building Set

8397 Pirate Survival X2

1970 Pirate's Gun Car

6261 Raft Raiders X3

6268 Renegade Runner

6265 Sabre Island X2

6253 Shipwreck Hideout X3 (1 NISB)

8396 Soldier's Arsenal X8 (1 NISB)

6242 Soldier's Fort X2

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I own:

-6234 Renegade's Raft

-6237 Pirates' Plunder

-6271 Imperial Flagship

-6285 Black Seas Barracuda

I really want:

-6277 Imperial Trading Post

I also would like to have:

-6244 Armada Sentry

-6273 Rock Island Refuge

-6274 Caribbean Clipper

-6276 Eldorado Fortress

-6280 Armada Flagship

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Compared with the rest, my sets are rather small, but

Loot Island

Cannon Battle

Soldier's Arsenal X4

I also have a small army of pirates, as well as a squad of privateers, and additional new Guards (via Bricklink)

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Impressive list, considering the new sets. Two Brickbeard's Bounty and two Soldier's forts! Nice going there, I only have five arsenals and one Pirate with magical fish as of now.

I bought BB, SF and two of the Shipwreck Hideouts when TRU had a sale back in December where it was buy one, get one half off, and even though I had the money to buy them outright, I went ahead and applied for a TRU card and got an extra 10% off. That card is now paid off and shredded :pir-sweet: I banked during that sale.. or splurged? Yeah I splurged. :pir-blush:

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I don't have any of the new sets yet, I'm trying to complete my 1989/91 collection first :pir-sweet:

So far I have:

-6235 Buried Treasure

-6255 Pirate Comic

-6257 Castaway's Raft

-6260 Shipwreck Island

-6265 Sabre Island (without box)

-6267 Lagoon Lock-Up x3 (only 2 boxed and only one with the plastic trays and all, I love this set)

-6270 Forbidden Island

-6276 Eldorado Fortress

-6278 Enchanted Island (a bit out of place I know)

-6285 Black Sea Barracuda, not yet in the mail but soon

Now I need a Carribean Clipper and then I'll start getting some new sets to build a "red" army :pir-sweet:

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Hello everyone, I`m a brand new user and I would like to share my really modest collection of Pirate LEGO.

The sets I own are the following:

-Enchanted Island.

-Skull Island.

-Armada Lookout.

-A small boat that doesn`t belong to any of the above but it comes from the armada theme.

-Lots of pirate mini figures and pieces.

I would also like to add that this website is really cool and it was a bright idea to create it. So Pirate LEGO fans can get to know each other.

Keep it this way

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I don't have a lot but here it is.

1. Brickbeards Bounty.

2. Soldiers Fort.

3. Shipwreck Hideout.

4. Loot Island.

5. Kracken Attackin.

6. Cannon Battle x2.

7. Pirate Survival.

8. Soldiers Arsenal x2.

From the 89/92 series I have

1. Saber Island.

I have also purchased 10 blue coats on Ebay, 2 red coats and about 15-17 pirates.

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