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Here's my entry, hope you enjoy!





The Cartographer enjoys nothing more than traveling the land, finding hidden wonders missed by previous mapmakers. She particularly enjoys charting the Mystic Isles, but is often called upon to update borders for the many fiefdoms of Avalonia.

"I can't wait to see what's around the bend!"

Tavern Keeper


A staple across Historica, taverns and inns offer respite for the weary and a chance for locals to see strange visitors from afar without leaving their cozy hamlets. This Avalonian Tavern Keeper will gladly fill your belly with good food and drink, if you've the coin to pay!

"Always happy to serve a paying customer!"

Halfling Cutpurse


The Halfling Cutpurse plies his trade among the cities of Avalonia, where the predominance of Big Folk allow him to slip easily through crowds, often mistaken for a street urchin. The Big Folk also are handy in that their wallets and purses are within easy reach of the halfling's quick fingers and trusty blades!

"A penny in hand is worth two in the purse; a whole purse in hand is even better!"


Dwarf Lord


The Dwarf Lord rules over one of the many underground cities of the dwarves in the north, using his heavy scepter and warhammer to protect his realm--not to mention the precious gems and metals his people mine from the depths!

"Gold, gold, gold, I sure do love me gold...and my people, of course."

Ice Warrior


The Ice Men of the north were once considered nothing more than a legend, until a clan hunting party lost their way in a blizzard. This Ice Warrior uses his enchanted axe and shield to defend his territory...and scare off wayward hunters!

"Ice to meet you!"

Forge Guard


It's no secret that dwarven women aren't something non-dwarves see every day, but of course they exist! One place you'll often find them is among the prestigious Forge Guards in most dwarven cities, protecting the Great Forges from outsiders and the occasional dwarf under the spell of goldlust. With mighty mallent├╗ hammers in hand, they stand their watch over the beating hearts of the cities.

"You didn't believe that rumor about the beards, did you?"

Orcish Goatheard


Residents of Nocturnus have long accepted that not all orcs are warlike savages, but that knowledge has been slow to catch on elsewhere--often with good reason! The village of this Goatherd in the Orcish Marches of western Mitgardia wants little more than to be left in peace, but often finds itself caught up in neighboring conflicts. The goatherd defends her flock, spear in hand, from all threats, be it wild predators, rival orc tribes, or battle-hungry men and dwarves.

"I love my kids! See what I did there?"




Soldiers-for-hire are common throughout Historica, but not often well-received. Selling loyalty doesn't feel right to many, but for the right price--and the right cause--this skilled Sellsword's blades can be yours!

"Swordplay is like a dance; shall we?"



This Philosopher attended the famed University of Petraea for years--and never left! When he's not auditing (and interrupting) classes, he can be found roaming the grounds, dispensing "wisdom" and debating anyone he can about his theory of the cyclical nature of existence.

"Ah, but what is tuition, anyway?"

Ruadh Perfumer


Ruadh is home to a wide variety of artisans and craftsmen, including this little halfling plying her aromatic wares. From subtle to cloying, repellant to magnetic, she's got a scent to suit you--even some that are claimed to be magical!

"would you like a free spritz?"


Shadowmere Captain


The Shadowmere Captain is an orc you don't mess with. He takes his duties as seriously as maintaining his mohawk, and brooks no laziness from the troops under his command with the threats of the Black Spire and the Drow always looming.

"Step lively, you mangy warthogs!"

Redcap Goblin


Redcap Goblins have spread across Historica, but they're particularly common in Nocturnus where the rumored practice of dying their caps in the blood of their enemies isn't seen as quite so unusual. Pike in hand, this little creature is no one to be trifled with!

"Ankle-biter? Come down here and say that to my face!"


Valyrion Fox


The Valyrion Fox is a famed figure in his native land. A bandit to some, hero of the masses to others, he battles corruption among the nobles in certain parts of Valyrio. Some have suggested he's secretly a noble himself!

"I fight for the people!"

Red Mage


Nobody knows where the Red Mage truly hails from, but he's claimed a tower near Cedrica as his own and often wanders the whole of Historica with his mighty wizard staff and wide array of spells at his command. Word has spread that he seeks an apprentice to learn his vast knowledge, but as yet none have been chosen. Pretenders abound, however. Many wonder, with such power at his fingertips, why can't he magick himself a new leg?

"The power to change the world lies in which hand?"

Drow Warleader


The crafty Drow have long plotted the downfall of the surface-dwellers. Warleaders clad in traditional black and silver chitinous armor, wielding wicked curved blades, take point in most Drow raids across Historica, thought they are not the true authority behind the soldiers.

"The Dark is rising!"

Gnome Paladin


The Gnome Paladin is a bit of an oddity. He claims no allegiance to any one guild, swearing fealty to his deity above all else. None are quite sure where he's from, only that his Order of the Broken Cog sounds more like a tavern than a group of paladins. He may be a bit of a zealot, but his trusty mace, shield, and helmet serve him well in his defense of innocents and pursuit of righteous causes.

"Have at thee, foul villains!"

I tried to keep mine as authentic as I could as far as techniques used by TLG went for minifigure accessories. And who wouldn't love a goat in a CMF bag? :sweet:

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Awesome work. One of my favorites easily. I love the Philosopher for personal reasons (philosophy degree :P).

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Nice job! The Valyrion Fox is awesome, love the references to that other famous "fox"! :wink:

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Nice to see Shadowmere getting in on the action- the Captain can't stop bragging about it...

Favourites are the Drow and the Ice Warrior.

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Great series, I like the red mage and the Ruadh perfumer! The descriptions are fantastic... I love the quotes!

Edited by LordDan

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It would seem with so many people doing GoH minifig series that all the ideas would have been exhausted by now, but you still have some very creative ideas here.

I particularly like the halfing cutpurse, and gnome paladin :thumbup:

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Nice series Venkefedo :) I like Valyrion fox, Gnome Paladin and Shadowmere Captain! :sweet:

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Halfling Cutpurse and Philosopher are my favorites, nice series and great descriptions! :wink:

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Nice series! My favourite is probably the Philosopher - where is his torso from?

Glad to see you also included some figs from outside the for guilds! :classic:

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