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Let's continue posting here on EB with yet another historical LEGO model of mine. This time it's a one of a kind supercar - Maybach Exelero. I know - it should be black. But as I said in the other post - I didn't have many pieces to work with in other colors back in 2009. I only had white. But I liked the model - so I built it. That simple. Done. :)

I also did a logo stand which I think turned out quite good. For that I have to say thanks to another great LEGO car builder - Ryan Link. He did an excellent logo stand for his Saleen and Ferrari.


Of course - model features openable doors and hood. Thou I didn't find any picture if the trunk (if there is such) does open. So... I didn't do that. If you can find a pic of it open, or a statement that it doesn't (or you know by fact that it doesn't) - please let me know. Who knows - maybe I'll give the model another shot cause the way I work around the model now has changed a lot. And we do have wider variety of pieces now too. For instance - we didn't have 1x3 tiles back then. Now we do. And would have used some of those for the integrated spoilers.



Ok.. this is more or less it for now. As always - you can see more pics on my Flicker album.

Hope you still like it. See ya next time.


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Thanks LeocornoProductions

Thanks Rishab N - yea, front does look better than rear.

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