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WIP Winter Village

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Hi everyone!

I'd like to show you today the first components of my Winter Village. I myself am a train collector, but I found that the Winter Village sets match the Emerald Night (my favourite Lego set) so well that I have to start a Winter Village dedicated for my 10194. I currently have the Toy Shop, the Post Office, and the Winter Carousel along with a lot of thematic minifigs and one MOC (the Frozen Lake, I bought a beautiful ice-skater minifig and I just had to build an appropriate setting for her). I have the Winter Village Cottage in the post, probably somewhere in Germany by now so that'll be ready in a few days. I'm quite eager to get it since then I'll have enough buildings to being designing a proper layout. I also made a custom train station that I will be assembling in the coming days (2 batches of parts are still being shipped).

So here are some photos:


I've been messing around with the layout for a while, having had some interesting arrangements of the components I've still reached the conclusion that without the Cottage it won't look nearly as good.


Dracula, from the Monster Fighters set I believe, saving his wife.


View on Main Street.


I think this is my favourite scene from the whole diorama. The girl is so creepy!


This is the Frozen Lake MOC. It's nothing amazing, but I wanted to give the Ice Skater a nice setting.


That's the train station - still missing a few bits and bobs so I can't start building it yet.

Tell me what you think! :)

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