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MOD/MOC: Arkham Asylum

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I'm back with another creation.

I have doubles or older versions of characters from The Batman sets that I just had to put to use.

So I give to you my version of Arkham Asylum.

You'll notice in some of the pictures that I erased some parts. That is for your protection. Those images are for another time.

Also, I apologize for the crude background. It was the only thing that wouldn't give off a glare.

Shall we get started? Okay here we go.........

This is it from above.

16391091905_39518df531_c.jpgark1 by brickhicks, on Flickr

A view from straight on....

16389351211_391e7464f5_c.jpgark2 by brickhicks, on Flickr

The Main Building area.....

16391101525_8dab3f2a33_c.jpgark4 by brickhicks, on Flickr

More of the main area, and NIGHTWING!

16204907899_03221b1293_c.jpgark5 by brickhicks, on Flickr

The River and Beach area....

16203729950_307c5f4eb9_c.jpgark6 by brickhicks, on Flickr

James Gordon vs. Bane.

16205225227_6bdb06dd00_c.jpgark7 by brickhicks, on Flickr

Catwoman on the prowl....

16365147046_2a503c3af7_o.pngark8 by brickhicks, on Flickr

High Tower/ Graveyard area....

15771107183_92c483dac4_c.jpgark9 by brickhicks, on Flickr

Joker's next plan.....

16204897189_6a3ecbc03c_c.jpgarkx by brickhicks, on Flickr

The FLASH has got this......

16205216977_e7e5d2a1d6_c.jpgarkxi by brickhicks, on Flickr

Mr. Freeze and Penguins plan. Robin to the rescue. Killer Crocs' killer haul...

16391116775_415e02be85_c.jpgarkxii by brickhicks, on Flickr

It was Black Manta who broke out the inmates.....

16389369711_05284942cf_c.jpgarkxiii by brickhicks, on Flickr

SUPERMAN and Gorilla Grodd...

Poison Ivy too...

16205212597_d0db318567.jpgarkxiv by brickhicks, on Flickr

A different angle of the entire thing.....

16204890809_4eec94e352_c.jpgarkv by brickhicks, on Flickr

Another angle...

16204889069_7399618ccd_c.jpgarkvi by brickhicks, on Flickr

1 more angle....

15768657004_9a4f80dd3a_c.jpgarkvii by brickhicks, on Flickr

Well, there it is. I hope you guys like it.

Let me know what you think.

I will return with another MOC.

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