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Hello from down under

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Hello All,

I've kinda tried to go out of the norm and try to give an in-depth introduction about my passion for Lego.

My name is Dan, and i'm just starting to get back into Lego. After a lull of around 9 years.

I stopped buying and assembling Lego as a teenager. And have recently started picking it back up again.

I'm a huge modular building fan and love how so many different existing parts can be used to create intrinsic and delicate elements.

I guess Lego has helped shape my career in construction and also made me come back to this incredible hobby.

I became a big watch collector but have stepped away from it in the hope my childhood/teen hobby can reinvigorate my imagination and my roots of Lego instilled in myself.

I'm based in Sydney, Australia. So shout out to anyone located nearby!

What attracted me to Eurobricks? I quite like the staff structure and hope one day i can move up the hierarchy.

Heres to a new beginning and a 2nd chance with Lego.

P.S Please be kind as i'm not very new with the terms and only just starting to pick them up!

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Good to have You with us buddy :thumbup:

Say hello to Mick Dundee :wink:

Enjoy the site!

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Hi, just be good and helpful member, follow the rules and in time, you can move up. Welcome!

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