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[TC6] Hot Rod Wrecker [WIP]

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My entry for the [TC6] Technic SBrick Contest: Custom Hot Rod Wrecker






The pictures show how the model would look with an SBrick istalled.

Remote controlled features:

-drive (2 × PF L)

-steering (PF servo)

-2-speed gearbox (PF M)

-auto crane with winch (PF M)

Other features:

-live axle push-rod suspension

-working steering wheel

-working gear stick

-opening doors

-working V8 fake engine

-custom stickers (stickers are covering only one piece each)


The suspension:

The front and rear axles are live axles with four-four trailing arms and Watt's linkage which prevents sideways motion with a much more vertical motion in contrast with the Panhard rod. Watt's linkage is quite popular in hot and rat rods' suspensions.

The axles have push rod suspension instead of being directly connected to the shock absorbers, and this ensures that the load on the shock absorbers are longitudinal. This results is a very responsive suspension with low friction. Actually this is the best suspension I ever built on my own.

The front push rods are attached to the lower trailing arms, just like in many hod and rad rods.


In the steering system (Pitman arm + drag-link) everything is doubled to minimize backlash. There is quite amount of backlash, and surprisingly enough, the most backlash is not caused by the linkage but the gearbox (only a gear reduction and a doubled bevel gear pair). Despite the backlash, the car drives okay but doesn't like bumps.

Model facts:

-Weight: 1520 grams with batteries and the dummy SBrick

-Size: 48 × 22 × 16 cm

-Scale: approx. 1:9

SBrick installing:


Picture gallery:


More pictures and the video to come till the deadline!

The original post can be read here:

This my model for the contest:


This is a Hot/Rat rod wrecker.

Features drive (2x PF L) and steering (PF servo), 2 speed gearbox (PF M) and a winch on the back (PF M).

Features all the usual features as live axle suspension with push-rod shock absorbing, working cockpit steering wheels and opening doors. It features double push-rod steering for minimizing backlash.

Work to do:

-Rebuilding with proper colors,

-routing wires

-engine and interior details

-improving bodywork if I'll have time

The functions are okay, the car drives well, the gearbox (I know it's pretty simple) works flawlessly. The winch and the little boom on the back is pretty powerful, it can easily lift a Lego car at the same scale. I haven't tested the towing capability yet, but I guess it should be okay.

More details when the model is finished.





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Filming and photography was done. I will make some more detail photos, edit the video and everything will be ready by the deadline. Entry topic hopefully today evening.








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Here are some "renders" of the internals (I'm using LDD and most PF elements are still not modelled for some whatever reason, that's why the place-holder motors.):





I'm a bit surprised that the model is only made of about 1300 bricks. Looks like I do improve and make more and more efficient models.

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