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[MOC] Snack Bar

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Hi! :classic:

The life in big cities is impossible without snack bars. We can find them everywhere! They mean the only one choice for the running and hurrying people to get some food and drink quickly during that very short period of the day when they have a break. Well, this kind of foods and drinks are not the best for our health.

Fortunately not every snack bar is bad. For example in my version if someone wants to eat something healthy and delicious, he or she can find it in the menu! Hope you find your favourite food here, and you leave a nice feedback in the visitors’ book! :classic:



My favourite is the microwave oven and the hamburger tower! :laugh:


„The pizza is ready!”

„The fish is ready!”

„The chicken is ready!”

„The two hamburgers are ready!”

’The hrr krhhh….

The loudspeaker is absolutely necessary. I’m sure, that the employee would get a massive sore throat at the beginning of the day without it!


Someone pays, the lady puts the order into the computer, it appears on the central screen, the chef and the other workers look at it and they know what the next order is.

The back is very lifelike, too! Empty bins and boxes, air-conditioner, vent hood, big and small trashes and a dog, who hopes to find something… and a lot of insects because of the food.


The building has some interesting building techniques. I’m proud of the windows, they are doors after a rotation by 90°. I like it that the white frames are 3D, they leave the plane of the wall. The picture shows, what I put behind the tiles around the window. Look at the windowsills, too. I used offset plates under 2x2 tiles, 1x2 tiles can solve it without that plates.


More pictures on Mocpages!

Thanks for watching! :) Enjoy your meal! :classic:

Edited by Gabor

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AWESOME realistic looking snack shack/bar/eatery......looks like one that Yogi Bear would try and sneak into if he couldn't find any picnic baskets ! :laugh:

Brick On 'Gabor' ! :grin:

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This is great, and absolutely buzzing with life! I particularly like the roof design and how you did the rooftop sign.

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Great MOC Gabor:) I can see sometime in ,,live"? :)

Thanks! :) Maybe yes, we don't know the future! ;)

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