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I was really happy to know that 8369 and 8675 sets are somewhat compatible with Technic. A lot of time passed since I acquired a copy while thinking what can I build around it. Yes, build and test it! Youtube videos show these models are very powerful and probably are the fastest LEGO ever.

So there was LitLUG & LatLUG meeting where you normally need to bring something with yourself to show off :sweet: . So there was a deadline and all of a sudden interesting idea came to my mind. Also there was a quite big area, just about right for the model to run - no way I would miss such opportunity! There's just no place at home for such beast.

I used default 8369 as a base to build my MOC, there is a standard front suspension with adjustable shock absorber, but the back has no suspension. Since I wanted to build a drifting car and there was a very smooth floor - basically there was no need for rear suspension at all. Model is quite heavy (2Kg) - it is all because of the base as the outer shell doesn't add much, but weight is not an issue. Car is drive-able on the lowest gear only, when using other two it still can go straight, but just drifts when trying to make a turn while still on a smooth surface.

The power. I had two batteries, and made sure they both are charged - just to have a lot of fun during the event! However it turned out I had just 5 minutes with each battery, that's 10 minutes. Not much to have fun :cry_sad: , looks like batteries are quite old and lost their capacity.

Sorry for the lack of photos (I rarely have access to proper camera). Below you can see the only picture taken while on event (he-he, you won't find me on this photo):

15993163516_395e17e57f_c.jpg13_12_2014_RJTC-71 by latlug_lv

As you may notice RDR01 has proper test racing driver - The Stig :grin:

You can check how models drift on this very short video, while batteries were still alive.

I hope to share more photos soon, including a swap with black tires. I wonder how RDR01 would look with red tires as well...

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