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Small Mod of: 76014(Spider-Trike) and 76016(Spider-Helicopter)

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This is my first post so I hope I do everything correctly along the way. I will surely be learning, anyways. Today, I made a small mod that combines two lackluster sets(see title) into one fairly decent set. My original intent was to make more of a drop-ship mechanism but I've always liked keeping official LEGO sets as "pure" as possible. So, hopefully these pictures below are correctly formatted and are sufficiently understandable enough for all of you.


I don't think this set is the worst(I'm going to forget about the Green Goblin,) it's got fun play features, looks so crazy it just seems decent. I can just picture SHIELD saying "Alright, we got this experimental Helicopter finished what should we do with it?" and having somebody say "Paint this baby red and blue, kick out the floors, jam some webbing into the sides, paint some logos on it and call it a day."



Here is my modification. I removed the black pegs that were originally in the Helicopter and I changed the pegs in the Trike's wheels into a 1x3 peg so that they can attach.


It actually doesn't look that bad. It fills in the awkward shapes of everything and makes it cohesive. Like it was intended this way all along.



I used the blue pegs because it was all I could find and once the inspiration hit I didn't want to lose it due to my poor part sorting. The blues do have more of a grip so if I pick up the Helicopter it doesn't wiggle around however the wheels do not move freely.


When I built the Helicopter I didn't even realize that you put the black pegs into the black underbeam(?). I just thought them moving around was some weird design function. It wasn't until I looked at it one day and thought "wait maybe these pegs go into these holes," also are pegs even the right word?

Please tell me anything I could do better for next time whether it be better pictures, better descriptions, etc.


Edit 1: Well the link I used didn't work so I looked into it and posted each once individually. Hopefully this works now.

Edit 2: Okay, now my photos are enourmous and I cannot remove these black bars where my text was supposed to go.

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Hey Ethan, firstly the picture doesn't show :grin:

Try this: see the 11th Icon on the top of this box? the little picture?

Click on that and put the link in there, i think the result would be better :wink:

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