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Hello everyone,

I am back to share with all of you, another of my Legends of Chima polybags review. It will be pretty comprehensive since the finished built will be quick and will be focusing more of what kind of fun that you can derive from there. This polybag was bought in September 2013, when I visited LEGOLAND Malaysia and I did not hesitate to put this in my shopping basket.

Name: 30253 Leonidas Jungle Dragster

Theme: LEGO System / Legends of Chima

Year: 2013

Pieces: 30

Minifigs: 1 minifigure


Resources: Brickset, BrickLink

An original polybag image of the 30253 Leonidas Jungle Dragster


Back view of the original polybag image of the 30253 Leonidas Jungle Dragster


The road scout of the Lions Tribe


This polybag design is definitely plan to be the quickest and fastest dragster to recce enemy front by making a swift scout for the Lions Tribe. I believe by the sound of the name, Jungle Dragster, it might just be suitable to use in jungle terrain. Well, I don't quite agree that this is a 'Dragster' even though it has the kind of open view concept of rolling in fast but it does not have the length of a typical dragster, similar to this Town polybag design, for example. Still, it is nice to have smaller variants of their vehicular supremacy.

Instruction Manual (Front)


Instruction Manual (Back)


The LEGO building content


With just 30 LEGO elements, you can be pretty quick to be able to display these laid out content. After the built is completed, these are the remaining spare parts. I am fond of the wheels which are some useful parts, other than that, there are nothing spectacular about it.

My name is Leonidas and I belonged to the Lions Tribe


Do not be mistaken of his name, Leonidas to be the King of Sparta who led the brave men of 300 Spartans Warriors to fight to the death against the Persians. Instead this character is based on the bio resided in LEGO.com, you will realise that he is aligned with the Lions tribe and is a proud Lion foot-soldier. He may have that goofy idiotic look but he can be very serious in his commitment to discharging his duties. You are able to observe his nice back view printing which reveal his black and blue sash. Leonidas has a dual facial feature to reveal his much serious appearance. Leonidas is one of the common characters available in the Legends of Chima universe. It can be found in a total of five sets. It is a great pity that there is no weapon being made for him in this polybag design which will certainly make a fine addition.

The completed built of the Jungle Dragster


This is the main design of the Jungle Dragster which is very simple looking. There is no distinct fighting capability from the vehicular design and it look just like a regular patrol vehicle. One thing I like about this, is the close distinct colour schema of the Lions Tribe. Other than that, there is nothing special about it.

Moving off with my Jungle Dragster


To conclude, this polybag is really meant for LEGO fans or collectors who appreciate Legends of Chima or wanting to sample the Legends of Chima theme. It is a very simple built, but yet could form a decent force size for recce purposes before sending in the big arsenals to whack their enemies. Either way, I will only suggest you to buy it if you really love this theme at an inexpensive price. Otherwise, it is perfectly alright to give this a miss.

Summary review

Playability: 4/10 (You need to have more Lions Tribe vehicles in order to bring the best and fun out of it since this is more of a supporting vehicle.)

Design: 4/10 (Simplistic built of the dragster and main focus is just acquiring the minifigure.)

Price: 4/10 (Bought at about USD$7, which is not an awesome price, so get it if you can get it more than half of this price.)

Overall: 4/10 (If only you are a huge mega fan of the Legends of Chima, then you need to get this.)

I gave it a "2" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours?

I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed.

Pictures can be found in My Flickr.

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