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[2015 Setmod] Oordelay Royal Aethersprite R-1

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The Oordelay, a race in favor of Imperial rule, has had Aethersprite light fighters in service since the dawn of the Empire. Their use has dwindled, and as of the destruction of the second Death Star, only 23 remain in service with the Oordelay royal guard. Impressed by Plo Koon's custom fighter, the Oordali ministry of defense ordered many of these ships during the clone wars to supplement their navy and air force. The Aethersprites are the only non-Oordali designed or produced ships in their fleet. Unlike the "jedi starfighter" used in the clone wars, this later-model Aethersprite is hyperspace-capable, as is the escape pod. In addition to being slightly larger, it has been designated the R-1 in Oordali service.

The ajar torpedo tubes fire custom, long-range homing torpedoes are paired with two large repeating lasers in-line with the engines. Instead of an astromech droid, the space in front of the cockpit has been turned into a pressurized cargo hold, often containing a hardcase full of survival equipment, a blaster of the pilot's preference, and a royal cortosis-phrik alloy shield.



More pictures >>>

[i didn't change much because it reminded me of Chris Foss' spaceship art but the set itself was too tacky and overdesigned imo]

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