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Hello lego train enthusiasts, I finally got the Horizon Express. The reason is that I was born in france and the TGV is my favorite of all time so far and would like to know when it will be discontinued because on it says sold out. I also would like it if you could share some modifications that you put on your horizon express trains.


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It has already been discontinued. There is speculation about a new Creator train but no concrete details.

As for my Horizon Express, I have two sets (both with PF and lights) and linked the sets with an integrated bogie instead of a magnetic coupling. I picked up the parts on Bricklink.

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I have two HE sets.

I replaced the train wheels with axle hole/tires on the second engine with more free rolling bogie train wheels.


I made another jacob bogie to join the two sets and modified the bottom sills of the connecting cars.


The above two MODs I reused the wheels from the two bogies with couplers.

Turned one of the cafe cars into a second class car.


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