DSC00981 by ecmo47, on Flickr DSC00984 by ecmo47, on Flickr DSC00987 by ecmo47, on Flickr I completed Stephan Pakbaz (Apojove) Logging Shay a few weeks ago and set it up with my Water tank. I must say that it is a beautiful model AND it runs very well too! As is typical with a geared locomotive, it aint fast but it can pull some cars! It is powered by a normal "M" motor with the IR receiver and battery box hidden in the first log. It is loud though. I hope that it will quiet down after I lube the drive train with some WD-45 brand silicone spray. I'd like to add a third truck to it, but that project is down the road. Anyway, thanks to Railbricks for running the contest and to Stephen for posting the LDD instructions.