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[MOC] "Protecting the Queen"

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Hello fellow AFOL

Few days ago I decided to build something with the content of 21116 Crafting Box. I wanted to follow my "builder instinct" :wink: No instructions. I ended up building a sort of bridge. It looked suited for some Fantasy scene. I added few more bricks and I created this little MOC.

I know it's not a great one but I had very limited resources for this project. Also this is my first MOC after a very long (about 10 years) absence from the Lego hobby, so any comment, feedback, criticism is highly appreciated.

Anyway, here is a background story" for the diorama:

"The Elves rule the Kingdom with wisdom and justice, bringing order and peace among the Land. Or so they claim.

There are those who consider them invaders forcing their traditions and believes on the subjugated populations.

Sometimes it’s hard to discern the hero from the villain, the savior from the conqueror. When doubt and contempt are paired with weapons and powerful magic, it can mean only one thing: war.

The number of the insurgents grows each day. Operating clandestinely to avoid the inquisitive scrutiny of the “Open Eye”, one of the most dreaded Elven organizations, they fight to overthrow the current rulers.

In a desperate attempt to capture the Elf Queen and force the Monarchy to sign a treaty, the rebels hired the infamous outlaw known as “Golden Terror” and the legendary “Clumsy Ninja”.

By skills, bribes and a lot of luck they managed to sneak inside the “Temple of Five Seasons”.

Relying on greater numbers the rebels plan to succeed but it won’t be an easy task. The Queen’s guard is one of the most skillful warriors, wielding a weapon that is stuff of legend and the Queen herself is a powerful mage.

Who will prevail in this epic confrontation? "

You can see more, high resolution, photos on my blog

MOC: Protecting the Queen




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