Best and worst of 2014

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With 2014 coming to an end, I thought it would be nice to give a look back and remember what this year brought along with it.

So, in your opinion, what was the:

best/worst LEGO set released in 2014?

best/worst LEGO minifigure released in 2014?

best/worst LEGO theme overall in 2014?

And finally, what are you most excited about for 2015?

(Happy New Year! :laugh: )

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Best set: Benny's Spaceship Spaceship Spaceship! (Classic space represents so many good memories from my childhood)

Worst set: Anything from the Minecraft theme (just not a fan of the game or theme)

Best Minifig: Benny (just perfectly awesome)

Worst Minifig: Spooky Girl from CMF Series 12 (I ended up with so many of her that I just became sick of her)

Best theme: The LEGO Movie (a new theme that was original and fun)

Worst theme: Minecraft (just not my thing)

I'm most excited about the Detective's Office modular set in 2015.

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Best Set 2014: The Sandcrawler - A brilliant redesign of the original set with lots of new minifigures.

Worst Set 2014: Courscant Police Gunship - A good concept for a set, but I felt more minifigures were needed and the interior felt a little empty.

Best Minifigure: Santa Darth Vader.

Worst Minifigure: Luke Skywalker - Too many lines on his face!

Best Theme: The Lego Movie - A good creative theme which provided alot of good pieces for MOC's.

Worst Theme: I don't really have a worst theme, I generally liked the themes this this year.

2015: I'm excited about the Detectives Office and all the Movies that are coming. ( The Avenger, James Bond, Star Wars)

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Best Set 2014: The Parisian Restaurant. After a few not so impressive modulars, we had perhaps the best of all

Worst Set 2014: Minecraft Ender Dragon. Never have I seen a set which looked so ugly or was so uninteresting part wise.

Best Minifigure 2014: The 4 Ghostbusters characters. Each of them was instantly recognizable.

Worst Minifigure 2014: Any hero factory figures... they look so non-Lego to me.

Best Theme: Lego Ideas. This "theme" brought something so new into Lego, especially this year that sets came more frequently than ever.

Worst Theme: Lego Simpsons. I wish they had made some smaller sets out of it.

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I am going to go with I got. (OK...OK)

best set: 70721 Kai Fighter (I guess. A cool looking Jet at least.) Second would be 75039 V-Wing Star-Fighter (Their are some inaccurate functions to this set. But, I do have the first version of this vehicle for what ever that tells you.)

worst set: 70137 Bat Strike (All the "Speedorz" are not that great. I guess that is why they do not sell to well.)

best mini-figure: Death Star Trooper or Rocket Raccoon (a tie)

worst mini-figure: Eirs from the Chima Line (She is just in too many dam set give the other "Eagles" a chance to show up.)

best theme: Mixels (They are so versatile for sets.) If they count my second would be the "Legend Beast" from Chima.

worst theme: Ninjago (They seem more like "Power Ranger" than "Ninja" to me.)

Going over this it looks like some conflicting stuff from me. :shrug_oh_well:

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In my opinion the best set is 10243 Parisian Restaurant. It has beautiful detailing and was an enjoyable built.

The best minifigure got to be Terabyte from 70165 Ultra Agents HQ. I really like the print and the helmet with two plastic moulds in one.

The Arctic theme was the best for me, with research base, ice breaker, plane, helicopter polar bear and dog sleighs.

This year I also bought my first Friends set and i really don't like the miifigures included so for worst minifigure I nominate Noah from 41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon.(Just bought it this week but its a 2015 set)

I am really excited about the Detective's Office coming in January 2015. However, I'm also looking forward to 70221 Flinx's Ultimate Phoenix as a smaller set.Flinx’s Ultimate Phoenix

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For me, the best set would end up being 21108 Ghostbusters or 70810 Metalbeard's Sea Cow. Best figure would probably be the ISD Darth Vader figure or the Flash figure. Best theme would be The LEGO Movie.

As for 2015, I'm really looking forward to the new Superheroes sets (DC and Marvel). :wub:

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Best set? Parisian Restaurant. But Sandcrawler and Benny's ssS are close in behind it. It really has been an extremely good year for great sets.

Worst set? Spider Man Helicopter. The set was just wrong in every conceivable way possible. The only high point was a really nice Mary Jane minifig.

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Favorite set: The Simpsons House

Least favorite set: Fusion Town Master

Favorite LEGO minifigure: Homer

Least favorite LEGO minifigure: Sparatus

Favorite themes: The LEGO Movie for the most amount of great sets, The Simpsons for having my favorite set and favorite minifigure series this year.

Least favorite theme: Fusion (The Town Master barely worked, and was a pain to play)

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Favorite Set: Ecto-1

Least Favorite Set: Minecraft (not into any of it)

Favorite Minifigure: Egon (see above)

Least Favorite Minifigure: Luke Skywalker

Favorite Theme: Ideas

Least Favorite Theme: Ultra Agents (I want to like it, but just can't)

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Best Minifigure: The Overlord

Worst Minifigure: Any of the teenage mutant ninja turtles from the movie line.

Best Set: 10244 Fairground Mixer

Worst Set: 79115 Turtle Van Takedown

Best Theme: The LEGO Movie

Worst Theme: Legends Of Chima (the Fire v.s. Ice theme, it was just like a mish-mash of red, trans-blue, and a bunch of other colors. The minifigures were good but the sets were just, horrible)

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Best Set: 42025 Cargo Plane. It's something new and interesting in Technic, and in a relatively uncommon color scheme as well. A close second would be Benny's Spaceship, or maybe the Exo-suit

Worst Set: 79120 T-Rawket Sky Strike. I was going to say any of the Minecraft sets, but that's something else altogether. I think any of the TMNT sets that weren't for the live action version were great, the figures in particular. Except for this one. It's not that playable, and feels really small for a $35 set. 42029 Customized Pickup was also a candidate, because of the overall boring design, the lack of #3 angle connectors in red, and the lack of authenticity ;but it is redeemed by a very interesting b model, and being a good parts pack.

Best Minifig: Benny. Just, Benny. I like how he's got a face that is close to an original minifig face, and a big smile on the other side. The green Classic Space minifigs from the Exo-suit are great as well. Other ones I liked are Unikitty, and, although not new, and technically not a fig either, the hedgehog from the Friends line. So Cute!

Worst Minifig: Any of the live action TMNT figs, or the Simpsons ones. I just really do not like their designs.

Best Theme:The Expert Creator stuff. It's not things that are normally my forte, but every set is great. The Lego Movie theme was also good, and so was Technic, but a lot of smaller sets were hit and miss, for both.

Worst Theme: Minecraft. Minecraft. Megabluckin' Minecraft! The designs are terrible, there are a lot of annoying single use parts, and it's all anyone is talking about. I wish Lego would do any other theme besides this. This one takes the cake, because in this theme, all the sets are terrible. All of them. A close second would be Juniors. I think they are a little bit obnoxiously oversimplified. *crotchety old man voice* Back in my day, we didn't need no stinkin' simplified stuff to figure out how to build with Lego. Than again, Lego is a lot more complex than it was, so I think there should be some introductory stuff. But, do they seriously have to make virtually everything one piece? I think that is taking it a little to far. Another one is Fusion. Not a good building set, and an annoying app. Do we really want to encourage kids to be on the tablet even when they are building? Also, you can"t really expand the sets, or use your own bricks with them either.

I'm going to actually add something else, for the Mocers out there: Best and Worst New Piece.

Here are mine:

Best piece: 3x5 H-shaped Technic liftarm. It's very useful in making strong structures, and mounting motors.

Worst piece: Any of the Juniors parts, and any of the Minecraft tools and heads. All of these parts are ridiculously specific, and not very useful in creating.

Also, best things and worst things that happened in this year:

Best: The Lego Movie, which was great fun for me and my family. Also, the fact that there is another licensed flagship in Technic is a good thing.

Worst: Delays and cancellations. The 2014 Technic sets were delayed until June, for some reason. Hopefully that does not happen again. Also, some Chima Constraction figures, as well as some of the Brain Attack Hero Factory figures only got limited release in some parts of the world, which was annoying, as some were pretty cool. Also, the fact that Lego is turning Minecraft into a dedicated theme. That just feels really redundant.

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Best fig: Hun warrior. Fantastic cape, shield, print, helmet. Tied with Unikitty in all her incarnations.

Worst: minidolls, but only because of the lack of articulation. They look fine, but the restictions of their design as far as poseability really makes it hard to get on board with thre friends sets. I know, not exclusive to 2014, but still.

Best set: Santa's workshop. I have a lot of reasons for liking this, mostly because it was the biggest set I was able to get this year and created a lot of goodwill with my wife in connection with my hobby.

Worst set: actually, most disappointing set. I really wanted to love Creative Ambush, but it was a really fiddly set that loved to fall apart. Not terrible, but I had such higher hopes for it.

Best theme: Lego Movie. Creative Ambush aside, I loved the crazy set designs, mishmash of styles, and variety of parts.

Honorable mention goes to Mixels.

Worst theme: no opinion. I think they all have some good and bad sets, and I was tempted at various times to get at least one set from all of them.

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Best Set: I don't actually own it, but I'll put in a vote for Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

Worst Set: The Simpsons set. "Yeah, let's do a popular licensed theme, and release ONE set... with a $200 price tag!"

Best Minifig: Rocket. (Come on, how could it not be Rocket?)

Worst Minifig: ANY of the Simpsons minifigures. When I heard that LEGO had the license, what I pictured was what we eventually saw in the Simpsons LEGO episode, not the ridiculous mascot-headed abominations we ended up getting. Yeesh!

Best Theme: Got to give it to The LEGO Movie sets. (Although if we're talking about best potential for a theme that we were merely teased with... I'd give it to Ghostbusters.)

Worst Theme: The Simpsons. The set was unavailable to people on a budget, and the figures were hideous.

And I know that this wasn't among the questions asked, but I'd like to categorically state that the Series 13 Hot Dog Man minifig is definitely the WURST figure of 2015. (I'm so sorry. I'll go away now.)

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Best Set: Like a few members above have posted it is Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

Worst Set: The Battle of Five Armies, it was disappointing with its lack of minifigures,

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Best theme-technic

Best set-ghostbusters

Worst theme-ninjago and minecraft

Worst set-research institute

Best minifigure- guys from ghostbusters set

2015 wishlist-Some great exlusive creator vehicles and mercedes benz actros from technic turn to be awesome set!

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I would say:

Best set: Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

Worst set: The Ender Dragon

Best Minifigure: S12 Wizard

Worst Minifigure: "Where are my Pants?" Guy

Best theme: The LEGO Movie

Worst theme: Minecraft

For 2015, I'm excited to get CMF S13 and (hopefully) CMF S14. Besides, the Scooby-Doo new theme could be interesting.

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Best set: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (Benny's Spaceship and the Milano came close, though.)

Worst set: Spider Trike vs. Electro

Best minifig: Taco Tuesday Guy

Worst minifig: movie Michelangelo. Ugggh. This is even coming from a huge TMNT fan. He's so, so, ugly.

Best theme: The Lego Movie. Although Ideas was actually pretty good as well

Worst theme: Minecraft.

2015? Looking forward to Speed Champions and new Avengers sets.

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Best Set: As many have already said, Ghostbusters and Benny's Spaceship. A close runner up would be the Target Gift Cube.

Worst Set: Minifigures Series 12

Best Minifig: Benny

Worst Minifig: Anything Clone Wars or Simpsons.

Best Theme: The LEGO Movie. This was just incredible.

Worst Theme: Minecraft, Fusion, and TMNT.

This year was a pretty good year for sets. There weren't many sets that were too terrible (unlike some of the 2013 set- I'm looking at you Umbaran MHC!). The LEGO Movie brought a lot of interesting sets and parts to the table- these pieces are already being incorporated into 2015 sets as decorative elements.

I am looking forward to another great year.

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Best Set 2014: Parisian Restaurant. As good as Benny's Spaceship, spaceship, SPACESHIP is, I pick the Restaurant; it's the first modular I ever bought, so it really has something that I like

Worst Set 2014: Spider trike Vs. Electro. 15 Euros for THAT? I wouldn't spend 5 Euros on it

Best Minifigure 2014: UniKitty from Cloud Cuckoo Palace. So cute!

Worst Minifigure 2014: most of Ultra Agents baddies.

Best Theme: Lego Ideas. I own the Exo-suit and the Research institute, I think both the DeLorean and Ecto-1 are great sets too, and while I see too many unreleased good procjects, what has been released is really great.

Worst Theme: Minecraft. I didn't even know what Minecraft was before the first Cuusoo set was released. I now wish I never knew.

Excitement for 2015: Hot dog guy from S13, TBBT .

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Best set 2014: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (having it presented in person by designer might help a little)

Worst set 2014: Battle of Five Armies (nothing special and way too expensive)

Best minifigure 2014: Joker (from UCS Tumbler)

Worst minifigure; Snowtrooper (new versio, with "skirt")

Best theme; Arctic (I just love it)

Worst theme; Minecraft

Excitment for 2015: New Expert Train

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Actually it's not been a crash hot year for Lego except for the.......

Best Theme = The LEGO Movie

Now the......

Worse Theme = TIE = Ninjago & Hero Factory

Minifig time......

Best = Santa Vader.......hands down ! :grin:

Worst = TMNT The Movie ones.......the oh, dear factor. :laugh:

Now for the sets......

Best = Parisian Restaurant.......even though I don't owe one......yet. :wink:

Worse = Spiderman Trike......seriously.....Lego, a trike has three wheels not four ! :laugh:

2015.......the DO, city Great Vehicles and De-construction sets.....not sure what else need to see what's coming mid-year. :wink:

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Best set: from an objective standpoint (ignoring my love of all things LotR/Hobbit) I think it has to be Santa's Workshop. It was so cute, with clever building techniques like the brick-made reindeer.

Best mini-figure: Galadriel from the Witch-King set. Great to have a female mini-fig kicking megablocks.

I don't buy enough Lego to comment on the worst. For me the worst thing about this year was that it marks the end of the LotR/Hobbit theme.

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Best set: Ghostbusters Ecto 1

Worst set: Research Institute

Best Theme: Movie

Worst Theme: Minecraft

Best Minifigure: Joker from the Tumbler

Worst Minifigure: Simpsons ... all of them

Hopes for 2015: Something in the same scale as anything else in the Technic line :sceptic:

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