List your favourite modulars in order of preference, and explain why?

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Team, I have thought of a little survey if anyone is interested:

List your favourite modulars in order of preference, and explain why? (Market street included)

- you could list them as follows:


CC/GG/TH/PR/PC/PS/MS/etc. etc.

And im curious to read why you have a favourite and a least favourite:

- My fav is CC because it's the first one, it is the standard to follow................

- I dont like the PS much because it's not tall enough.......................

(please dont include DO as yet, because we havent had the chance to buy or build it as yet. Feel free to add it later).

I will tally up the data at a later date.

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My preferences are very different because I think they've just got better - more details and more stories. I can't wait until the Detective's office!

I think the larger ones like the Town Hall lose a sense of detail in favour of size.

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Green Grocer I think was the best looking and most fun to build. It has not been equalled or surpassed.


Cafe Corner (just because it was the first, and such a great departure from previous LEGO efforts)

Parisian Restaurant

Grand Emporium

Palace Cinema

Pet Shop

Fire Brigade

Last is Town Hall.

To me, Town Hall was a disappointment. Big, but not at all pretty like the others, doesn't really fit in well. I think it was done by a totally different designer, and that shows.

I did't count Market Street, because it seems to be almost a separate attempt from the other much more elaborate and detailed modulars

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I wont rate CC, MS, or GG since I was in my dark ages when they came out and cannot really assess them.

(1) PR, yes it is smaller, but it has a lot of nice details and reminds me of traveling.

(2) PS, I like the two separate structures in one build, and residential stuff is always welcome

(3) FB, great color scheme. nice and roomy inside, a believable design

(4) GE, not a lot on the inside, but it is a fantastic corner building with nice detail

(5) PC, still a nice modular, but the stickers and unnecessary limo bring the rating down

(6) TH, the one I never bought. It is a nice enough structure, but it was too expensive, and it did not have details like the others. Someday, I might make my own TH

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GG - lots of fun to build, and a majestic building

FB - my first modular, and first Lego set I bought after almost 20 years

PR - lots of details, and another beatifully designed building.

CC - Great outside, empty inside. Changed the latter by at least furnishing the ground floor.

PS - nothing much to say, nice build(ing)

PC - while I think it has a lot of room for improvement, my opinion of it isn't nearly as negative as that of others

GG - boring build, and though I've grown accustomed to it, I still think it also looks a bit boring

(TH) - have to put it in brackets. Though I do own it, it still sits MISB as I have found no desire to build it. Just looks way too boxy and plain to me and somehow doesn't seem to work as a whole.

(MS) - don't own it, and I have no desire to ever change that. If this was a MOC posted on here, I wpouldn't bother commenting for lack of something positive to say...

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GG - I like the style and especially the color. I regret not buying a second one when it was discounted on Amazon years ago

PS - nice little buildings, fit well at the side of another more special, and I remember enjoying building them

CC - one of the few first sets I bought when exiting my dark age :)

PR - nice details but I'm not sure I like so much the color

GE - looks nice but I find the tan color a little boring

PC - nothing special to say, though that I bought a second one for parts when it was discounted below 100€, and possibly doing a MOD

MS - Bought at the same time as CC, if compared to the others it should go at the end of the list but in the context of a few years ago I do not find that it deserves the last place

FB - I hesitated to buy it at first (but now I am happy to have it, as I have the whole modular series), some parts are nice, but there are some things I like less

TH - I like the color (I bought a second one for parts when discounted on Amazon) and the interior is nice but it looks at the same time too small for its kind of building but too big and "blocky" for display among the other ones

I checked afterwards with what I posted on another forum last year: it is consistent, I made the same list. I simply added PR to it.

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1. Palace Cinema

I'm probably the only person who thinks this is the best modular. There's just something about it. The different style? The size? The colors? I don't really know, I just love it.

2. Fire Brigade

This was the first modular set I got, and that's why it's my second favorite. I just remember being so amazed at all the details. I was in my dark ages when the first two came out, and I unfortunately never got them.

3. Parisian Restaurant

I love the colors, and the sheer fact that it's a restaurant and we hadn't gotten that in the modular series was great.

4. Grand Emporium

The inside was a bit meh, and the outside looks wonderful next to the FB. Great modular, still.

5. Green Grocer

I can't really rate this one, as I don't own it, but the sand green looks really wonderful and we need a grocery store in our towns.

6. Café Corner

Again, I don't own this one, but by the looks of it there is some great details and would complement any city nicely.

7. Town Hall

Not too many cool techniques, but I do really like the pillars. It is also the tallest modular, so I complements my city well.

8. Pet Shop

Process of elimination. It's not a bad modular by any means, I just like the other ones more.

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1. PS - My first modular and the first MOC generated from it. I also really like it is 2 modulars in 1. I wish they did this with the DO.

2. PR - The details

3. HH - Cool use of 'weathering' (also not quite a modular)

4. PC - Nice printed tiles and use of the barrel roof

5. GG - First introduction to brick built curtains :p

6. GE - Think this is my baseline reference for modulars.

7. CC - Works well for interior mods

8. FG - Meh...

9. TH - Boring

10. MS - Does not lend it self well to fixing the shortcomings, interior mods pretty limited.

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Fire Brigade - it got me into the Modulars!

Palace Cinema - live in Southern California and it is based on Grumans Chinese Theatre.

Pet Shop - like that I can split it up.

Town Hall - Its big and different.

Green Grocer - my first and only Bricklink experience.

Parisian Restaurant - like the outdoor dinning area and that blue roof!

Grand Emporium - feels like Harrods in London

Don't own Cafe Corner or Market Street. May Brick Link Cafe Corner some day and have no desire for Market Street. Do own Haunted House and MOD it into a Victorian House that sells

antiques. Not rating it has its not from the Modular Series but I do like it a lot! Will have to see where the Detective Office falls in the list after I've bought & built it.

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MS Erik Brok was the AFOL who designed this set. He passed away shortly after its release.

In memory of him, I will list it first. Besides, I do like it for all of its quirkiness.

GG Seems to represent everything a modular can be. Nice building, nice detail, good colors.

GE To really appreciate this set, you need to expand it. Classic design. Harrods? Since I've bought 14

of these and actually opened and assembled/used parts from 13 of them, I guess from a financial

point of view it should be at the top of the list. But, it isn't.

CC No wasted parts for an interior. :-)

FB Nice detail, great colors. Works without having to expand it. Gold hats. Roll up doors.

PC Soooooo SoCal......nice choice of colors, red base plate.

PS Two buildings that can be separated to give a city design more options.

TH Not bad. But you must combine two or three sets to get the right proportions.

UN Unknown set. But, it has to be better than....big surprise.....NOT...... drum roll...................

PR My reasons?

Seriously? Haven't we been down this road too many times? Rhetorical, but.....


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I hadn't really ever thought about the order I'd list them in. I like all of them (except for MS), but I'll see what I can come up with by looking at Brickset.

1) Pet Shop: I like having two smaller buildings. I do think they could be a little taller to fit in. I know the argument is that a skyline isn't the same height, but these just feel small next to some of the other sets.

2) Parisian Restaurant: Same qualms as above. I love the exterior in pictures. I have yet to build mine though. So I may not like it as much later.

3) Green Grocer: I would say this belongs towards the top, but since I don't own it and only have a modified version (that I actually prefer) I would put it high on the list.

4) Cafe Corner: Shaping is great. Roof is neat. Colors are odd. Dark blue, red brown, dark red? Who thought of this.

5) Fire Brigade: First modular. A lot of charm. I like the "living quarters" although it does seem weird being two levels but really tall.

6) Palace Cinema: I have yet to build it, but it has a lot of charm too. I can see what they were going for with it and I respect that. I did want an Art Deco version, but this is pretty neat. I did see an old theater recently that had windows along the exterior, but they were all blocked out. I don't know how this would look with red-brown bricks where the windows should be.

7) Town Hall: I love the color scheme and the size. I think overall it looks too tall for the width. Like many I have modified it (or have plans to modify it). But my modified version would put it higher on the list. Since this is the official list, I'll leave it down here.

8) Grand Emporium: Unfortunately it made it lower on the list than expected. It hits exactly how that building should look. I don't even mind the repetition of the build. I love the color scheme together. It just ended up being lower because this line has so many great sets.

9) Market Street: :sick: I think that sums it up. The blue is okay. Dutch architecture is okay. But something just seems off with this one. The constant window seems odd for sure. The alleyway/market area to nowhere seems useless, although the gate entry with the owl is actually really neat.

Detective Office....who knows where that will line up until I actually build it. Color scheme is decent. Build looks interesting. Odd with the unusable space above Al's.

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Interesting question will be neat to see the results of the data once you've collected it.

Tough choices...but here goes.

1) Pet Shop: it offered some unique building techniques with the bay windows and it separated into two separate buildings. The floors were well utilized to give it that homely feel.

2) Green Grocer: having missed out on buying it I made my own from scratch. It was a lot of fun to build and has loads of character. The colour scheme was attractive.

3) Town Hall: I really liked the TH when I first saw it. It was the largest building to date and has cool features like the council chamber, receptionist desk, lift, mayor's office and conference table.

4) Parisian Restaurant: I loved this set ever since I saw the inital photos. Building it was a delight as it utilized many advance techniques and had some fun surprises. The artist's studio loft was so much fun.

5) Fire Brigade: The building is iconic. I really liked the interior furnishings and the use of the tripartite window on the facade.

6) Grand Emporium: This was the modular that hooked me on the series. I didn't find the build repetitious and it has lots of play value. The mannequins in the windows were very appealing. My only complaint was to have more goods on the upper floors.

7) Cafe Corner: love the building and I made this from scratch as well. However the reason it is low on the list is the lack of an interior and the use of the older doors which are terribly expensive to get a hold of. The colour scheme is superb!

8) Palace Cinema: the reason why this building is on the bottom of my list is that I didn't find it terribly appealing. I don't own it so I may change my mind once I do own it.

9) Market Street: I will make this from scratch when I get the money so that I have the complete series. The building itself is principally a box but I do like the stair case on the ground floor.

Even though we don't have the Detective's office I admired the amount of work Jamie has put into the building. I think it's his best work to date. I'm eager to get my own copy and see for myself.

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great feedback from all so far. Im waiting to throw my choices into the arena until later, but im glad the replies are rolling in. Thank you very much

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I do not have MS, PR or CC, but I like the outside look of both of them so my list is not as complete as others and will only be for the ones I have:

1. Fire Brigade: I just have an affinity for the firehouses, this was also my first one, so it's my top of list

2. Green Grocer: holy moly this I got off of ebay, cost me way more than I wanted, but it was a great one to put together and a lot of fun

3. Haunted House: Not a true Modular I guess, but I love this one and will have to go with 3rd on this one

4. Pet Shop/Grand Emporium: liked both a lot, for me they tie for 4th

5. Palace Cinema: love the Chinese Mann's Theater look of this one, it's unique, but only good enough to round out the top 5 since it has the goofy car

6. Town Hall: It's a giant building, I like it but not enough to put it higher

7. Simpsons House: I don't have PR or DA (obviously) so while this is also not a true modular, it was a lot of fun to put together, I like the way it opens and the feel of it matching the show...however, if someone said trade you for CC or MS or heck even PR, I would do it.

I will actually pick up both PR and DA come tax return time, easier to justify in my mind after you get a big check back, it's not logical I know, but my brain is warped.

Merry Christmas all, fun thread.

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1. Parisian Restaurant - Don't have this one yet, but I can already tell it will be my favorite.

2. Pet Shop - Can split in two, nice mix of colors, bay window

3. Palace Cinema - Unique colors, good color scheme

4. Fire Brigade - Brick technique for the second floor, lots of other neat and advanced techniques.

5. Green Grocer - Big, impressive set. Bay window is nice along with the color.

6. Grand Emporium - Kind of repetitive build, but impressive finished product.

7. Town Hall - Good color, but not much to make it stand out.

8. Market Street - Not bad, just not good enough to outshine the others.

Don't have Cafe Corner and don't know if I'll ever get it. We will see where the Detective's Office falls into this.

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I love PR/GG/PS just for the way they look. All are great builds, and the parts usage and colour schemes just appeal to me. The more detailed interior in PR got it to first place for me.

Not too impressed with PC. A nice building, but a bit too out-of-place wrt the rest of the modulars for me. MS is alright, but nothing special, as is CC. Just classics one has to own; and they still look nice amongst the others.

I still find GG amazing, especially for its age; both in colour scheme and design.

For now, it does not look like DA will be in my top three.

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OK, my turn:


GG - is the perfect modular. Beautiful, grand and detailed both inside and out.

CC - was the first and the standard all must be compared to, and I actually like the colour scheme they used. If it had an interior it would probably be amazing

GE - was the first set I bought that wasnt SW...and kicked off my modular addiction. It's a box, but it is almost exactly how a corner store in europe would look.

TH - I love the size, the colour, the interior and grandeur of this building. A necessity for a town layout, and IMO the centrepiece in a row of modulars

FB - A great build, I have no personal dislike for any part of it. I love the brick texture, and I hope future modulars have garage doors.

PS - Fun, versatile and different.

PC - I consider this the first of the "2nd Gen" Modulars, it's the first time I've seen cost cutting impact the outside of the modular (red rooftop not being plated boths sides)

PR - I dont actually rate it that much. I feel ripped off by it, it's too small compared to the others.

MS - Great for it's time, but not in the present. Outside looks ok, inside is terrible.

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  1. Parisian Restaurant - A combination of best looking exteriors and interiors makes this a winner. Really fun and varied build.
  2. Pet Shop - Great build with lots of variation and the 2x16 studs wide design adds variation to the street view.
  3. Fire Brigade - Good looks and nice interior, a little repetetive build and I think the final result is a bit overscaled compared to some other buildings, but still nice. And I like the fire truck too.
  4. Grand Emporium - Looks very nice from the outside, but the inside is lacking. I have added custom interior which helps a lot. The build is at times very repetetive and boring and the scale is the opposite of FB, it's just too small.
  5. Palace Cinema - Hideous car and I hate stickers. But at the same time, I wouldn't have wanted those movie posters printed either, so now we are at least left with the option to leave them out. There some elements of PC that I love and some I hate. It is really a mixed bag. But the build was surprisingly fun, and I made a few smaller modifcations to reduce the chinese influences in the architecture. In the future, I might rate this higher, I've only owned it for a few weeks.
  6. Town Hall - While not bad, I can't seem to love this set. The build was more fun than for example GE or FB, but the end result just doesn't appeal to me that much. Its symmetric, boxy look is a bit boring and it's too big to really fit with the rest of the buildings in the street. Would look better alone in conjuction to a square.

I don't own MS, CC and GG so I'm not qualified to review those. Looking forward to DO mainly because of its assymetric design, which I find very welcome. Something that breaks up the "big boxes" look bit more, just like PR and PS did.

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I've only built the Green Grocer and Fire Brigade (my Cafe Corner and Market St. came pre-assemble haven't been deconstructed), so choosing based on building is out for me. However,I'll rate them based on the way they look to me.

Parisian Restaurant - Based on the way it looks inside and out really appeals to me. Obviously, this is nothing new.

Fire Brigade - Has the better of the two vehicles that came with a modular and I really like the furniture/appliances in the kitchen/lounge.

Pet Shop -

Green Grocer - These just look good. Takes away inner city commercial style buildings that comes with normal city sets. Minifigs need a home and I love residential buildings.

Cafe Corner -

Town Hall - Big, but a bit bland. Interior and color makes up.

Palace Cinema -

Grand Emporium - Nothing really stood out out, though I do like the interiors of the PC and GE, and like the CC, there is freedom with MS.

Market Street -


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(1) Town Hall - love it or hate it, depends on how you lay out your Modulars. It's a must-have and being the centrepiece of my lego town.

(2) Grand Emporium - admit it looks lacking inside but great outside.

(3) Green Grocer - awesome color and details. Definitely one of the best one so far.

(4) Pet Shop - 2 in 1. Great!

(5) Fire Brigade - nice details. Fire truck is a nice little bonus.

(6) Palace Cinema - still in the box after 2 years.

(7) Parisian Restaurant - don't like the small size. Looks nice in picture but feel childlike. I can see its the trend going forward, but I don't like it.

(8) Cafe Corner - don't have it. Can't comment.

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Here's my list. Sets I own are bolded.

Green Grocer - Built my own in sand blue but otherwise identical. Awesome set and build - the one I wanted most. Simply the best.

Haunted House - Not perhaps a modular, but one of my favorite sets. Great design and I LOVE Victorian architecture.

Parisian Restaurant - Want this one BADLY. Hey Santa, you listening?

Detective's Office - I REALLY hope to get this. I love interiors and this is packed with awesome details.

Cafe Corner - Wish I had the funds when this was released... :( (I may try bricklinking this one with some piece/color subs)

Pet Shop - The buildings may be smallish but they are loaded with charm and it's an awesome build. I love the colors and the tiny details.

Town Hall - I guess I like this building a lot more than most. I love the construction of the columns and the whole Greek porch is a great design. Love the burnt orange.

Palace Cinema - The marquee is AMAZING. I could do without the car and the interior is lacking but I love this set.

Fire Brigade - Wish I could have gotten one.

Grand Emporium - I wasn't blown away when this came. It's grown on me so of course, it's no longer available... >:(

Market Street - This one is the "odd man out." I never felt like it belonged with the others and it's the only set in this list I have NO interest in owning. If I did acquire it, I would probably build something completely new.

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Green Grocer - Don't own but i love the facade,will build in blue due to the 2x1s with the slot being $2.50 each

Cafe Corner - Another i don't own again i love the facade and the fact it was the first and created the standard.

Grand Emporium - The first modular i bought,i just love the outside facade even though the interiors bland.

Pet Shop - Still in its box but once again i love the facade.

Parisian Restaurant - Though smaller still a very nice building. Love the techniques used for the roof.

Fire station - Another i don't own but will buy next year.

Town Hall - Still in its box but size does matter a bit bland.

Palace Cinema - Still in its box but just a different style from the others and i don't like it as much. I don't like the actual theatre part of it it is a little childish.

Market Street - Ugly building, that said i am currently brick linking the bits as extras when i order parts for my subway that i am building.

The completist in me means i will get all the buildings although GG and CC will need to be modified as some of the parts are ridiculous in price but i can live with some of the mods people have posted.

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Unfortunately I jumped into modular building late so missed the early ones, which seem like favorites to most.

So my order is...

PR, although not tall, I believe the interior detail more than makes up for the lack in height.

PC, Beautiful design on the outside

GE, Same as the PC, wish it had more on sale.

PS, It is ok, but not a fan of second empty building.

TH, A real let down given the size, basically an empty building.

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CC because is the first one

PR for its amazing details

TH because is the "main" building for me (I love the elevator)

GG for the great looking facade

PS because I think is cute

At the same place: FS too different from eurpean style, PC because I'm not a lover of theatre and GE too chaos and different architecture style

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1 - GG (nice appearance, large -- 2nd heaviest modular at 2.17kg, as bricklinked)

2 - FB (like the outside appearance)

3 - GE (outside reminds me of Capwell's in Oakland CA, long ago, large -- 3rd heaviest modular)

4 - CC (flashy style but small -- 3rd lightest modular, as bricklined)

5 - PS

6 - PR (great details inside and out, but small -- 2nd lightest modular at 1.80kg)

7 - TH (large - heaviest modular at 2.77kg)

8 - PC (don't like the outside style)

9 - MS(1600's or 1700's Dutch style does not fit in well with other modulars, small -- lightest modular at only 1.34 kg as bricklinked)

BTW, is there a secret to making a long post at this site, without having to press each letter up to 3 times before it shows up in the reply box?

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