(MOC) Wyldstyle's Flying Super Cycle

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Here is my version of Wyldstyle's Flying Super Cycle. It took a lot longer than I hoped to complete this MOC mostly because about a dozen or more parts do not actually exist or don't exist in the colors depicted in the movie. With the help of several screen shots from the movie and the Golden Instructions #3 from TLM video game I got a very close version to the actual one from the movie.

15515536699_2032e9f39d_c.jpgFlyingSuperCycle by mink66, on Flickr

15838935989_67faf350da_c.jpgIMG_2401 by mink66, on Flickr

15838935759_c0d99dbdba_c.jpgIMG_2408 by mink66, on Flickr

16023041241_13f9df8391_c.jpgIMG_2416 by mink66, on Flickr

15999206876_39d6c322ae_c.jpgIMG_2414 by mink66, on Flickr

15405353953_3e9045281d_c.jpgIMG_2419 by mink66, on Flickr

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Other probably asked the same.... Where did you get that gear :laugh:

Well done, seems very faithfull to the original.

Thanks Zblj! The gear is a 3D printed version (http://www.shapeways.com/model/1900766/60z.html) of what a 60 tooth Lego gear might look like if one actually existed. In order to get a more accurate movie version of the flying super cycle I decided to go with a non-Lego part instead of using the 40 tooth gear which is available as a real Lego part.

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