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[MOC] Galaxy Squad - Red team battle mech

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Hi everyone,

You can already see this creation in the scene presented in another Galaxy Squad topic here but this one comes with a little story :)

When I bought 1st wave of GS line, I had to admit something : seems that there was not much budget left for the red team's vehicles :


With only this small one, life against the aliens wasn't easy at all :


So they hired the best mechanics ...


... and then was built the red battle mech !


Again, I wanted it to keep a good playability so torso can rotate


And it has a canon to fight ...


... and seems that roles are switched now, isn't it ? ^^


But it can also fight without his gun : High Kick !


Mission accomplished :)


Hope you'll like it, I had as much fun building it than imagine the little story for its presentation ^^

As always, C&C are welcome

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Impressive! I like the fact the "mech"/ "exo suit" can grab Minifigures. It reminds me of an "official" Superheroes set. I missed it and I'd really liked to have a combat exo suit , since the "Lego ideas" one seems more suited for exploration than combat.

I mean, the Galaxy is a dangerous place we can't go out there without "personal defense equipment" :wink:

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