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Your building a fyra traxx? try some fyra logo stickers on the side and maybe some coaches and your done! I can already seeing it pulling a V250:) sad that they are send away. I bet your model will be wonderful when it's finished!

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Good to see an old project be revived! Shaping looks good; however, I don't know how to critique it or give feedback since I do not know if the intended scale of the model has changed(1:38, 1:40, 1:45?).

For now I'm going to assume it's still 1:45. Firstly, I really like the ledge and "steps" below the lights. Secondly, I would add a layer of transclear plates behind the transclear tiles on the windscreen to differentiate it from the lights. Although it's hard to tell, the cab looks a bit too tall from this angle, but I calculated that the height from the bottom of mainframe to the top of the cab should be 7.5 studs tall. 



I'm also curious about your opinion of the wheels size. Do you think the lego pf train wheel ruins the look of the traxx?

Can't wait to see more!

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