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here is some more of my work for our little dwarven friends: The Fortress on the Rocks (I am always bad at titles for my MOCs :blush: )


I hope you don't mind the black background, but as some snow has fallen, white wouldn't have worked out (and red would have been strange).

This is the "left side" of the rather large MOC.


My aim was to create a mountain which is inhabited below and on its top:


The guards seem to be happy:


There's a traveling salesman approaching:


.. and a few guarded stairs lead up to a secret door


There is the entrance to the fortress:


.. .and the entrance to the mountain:


A view from the right:


Please don't pay attention to the landscape around the mountain. This was just added for the picture. The MOC is intended to be "just the mountain".

And then this is all very modular:


The mountain consists of three parts. The upper fortress is made up of four modules + draw bridge tower.

I have included the Harry Potter secret door, to allow escape from the fortress' prison, but that is more on the funny side of things.

I hope you like this and I am happy to receive your comments!

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I love the way everything is integrated with the next level, the next part...

Looks very playable as well.

And the dwarfes have everything under control...

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Thank you all for your friendly comments.

This is really nice, I like how you left the back open for a bit of the play aspect.

Yes, playability was a key aspect. Some time back I started with "complete" mountains. That did not work out.

Nowaways, with most of my MOCs, I leave the 4th side open.

Great moc! that rockwork is top notch!

Thanks! Praise from your side is especially noted! You are building such great stuff!

It seems the blue sorcerer is the only human, right?

The blue wizard is actually also a dwarf!


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Wow, you are improving your skills very fast. I love just everything. Your rockwork is perfect.

I love the thawing effect. Great.Playablity is on 100%. But where is the monkey ;)

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