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The "Mono-Neuron Lizard" (comic)

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Hello there :classic:

This is a one panel comic I just made. It's a little parody about the Bounty Hunter Bossk from Star Wars (I don't like trandoshans and I played Republic Commando so many times :wink: )

I realized the image is so large and rescaling it affected the quality of text fonts, so I'll simply post the link :classic:

Allow me to introduce the "Mono-Neuron Lizard"

I'm still experimenting with the software. If all goes as planned and I find the spare time, I'll start to make entire Lego comics series.

I hope you'll like this little comic.

Feel free to post your opinions.

May the Brick be with you.


I forgot to post a little "introduction" :classic:

The bounty hunter is trying to "interrogate" the space pirate but his "rude methods" don't work this time... well he is called "Mono-Neuron" for a reason :wink:

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