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Winter Village: Game Room and Hot Tub

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Hello all!

This my entry for this year's Expand the Winter Village Contest, the Game Room and Hot Tub. It's meant for the elves and Santa, who work long hours, to get some much-needed leisurely time. Some of the images are low-quality (like the first one), but I don't have the best camera/editing software. I hope that's not too much of a distraction from the build itself :classic: . Anyway, this took me about a week and a half to complete, and I hope you all like it!

The main focus of this building is the exterior. Lots of details are present and I tried to give the building a unique style because I thought it would make sense if the elves had their own way that they design buildings.


The chimney has a very rugged, worn-down, weathered appearance to it, which complements the building nicely in my opinion.


The interior, while not as detailed as the exterior, is packed pretty full with 3 different board games, a fireplace, and a snow shovel.


The second story is twice as tall as the ground floor (elf construction is weird, huh). The flooring in the kitchen is sunken in, too. This is the bakery that makes the best pizza and banana cream pies in the North Pole! :tongue: There is a shelf with wine and soda, a handy step-stool, ladder, brick oven, and a place to sit and eat.


...And now the hot tub. This was a last minute edition to the build, and I think it turned out great! I tried to keep the style unique just as with the main building. Santa seems to be enjoying a much-desereved glass of wine. :laugh:


I encourage you to go here and see some more of the photos, like the back of the building and the attic :

Here's a link to my entry from last year in case you are curious what that looked like :

Well, that's it! Wishing everyone else entering this contest good luck and a fun time building :grin:

C&C welcome.

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