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This is the real Warbird, which I took me quite some effort. I spent quite some time researching on the net, and found quite some photos of the spaceship Rocket rode on, but most of them were concept art, not the final version.

I also bought the book "GOTG: Art of the Movie", and it did have some useful images and sketches, but still the older version, which has two pairs of wings. I finally looked at the movie and got some shots of the final Warbird...


And here it is, the final Warbird, which is part of the Ravager fleet.


The wings are the hardest part since I really want to get the profile as close as the real thing possible. I am glad that it turns out great in the end.


The back is also beautiful, with the twin engine jets.


I also control its size by comparing its size to the Milano, taking the same ratio of the planes from the book and applying them to the Lego version.


And you can also see I used some of the sticks from the Raccoon polybag. Perhaps to make it even closer to the real thing, the windshield will need some more special stickers, but I won't do that now, haha! Hope you all like it! :D

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Thanks! :D I think I will still work on it a little bit to tweak the profile, but the overall is pretty close to the original. :)

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Great looking MOC!

I really like all of the thought and attention to detail you put into it. This is something I've been considering since I saw the movie last year.

Keep up the good work!

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Just came across this build and absolutely love it!

I don't suppose you have instructions, lxf or even just more pictures/info on how to build it?

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