[ MOC ] Medical Ship "White Whale"

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When Tony Stark decides to leave the arm-dealing field, he sets up Stark Resilient, which aims to put his technology to the city to benefit the needed people. This time, he puts his arc reactor on the medical ship, and that helps reduce the transport time for patients to the hospitals and makes in-the-air surgery possible. The arc reactor engines are small and powerful, so that the ship can have more space for other uses.


Tony meets the team of medical staff at the launch of new medical ship.


Overview of the ship, which is quite bulky. Probably that gives people a more "caring and steady" feel for transporting the injured.


Side view, and front view below.


The cockpit has two seats, and the higher back one can be closed sideways so as to give access to the front seat. And yes, it is a little futuristic era to see the blue transparent panel. Maybe the front should have the same, now I realize!


The top is the core of the energy source.


The new repulsor engine in action. Normal; flipping out shields and turning backwards for rear thrust....


The back, which has two doors to ensure that the inside is sealed off from the outside, since this ship allows in-the-air surgery.


The inside is a well equipped surgery room, with all the necessary medical supplies and tools.


"Relax, and we will soon arrive at the hospital for a more thorough check."


Thanks for checking!

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Great build.......wrong should go in the sci-fi forum since there is no such machine in real life eh ? :wink:

Brick On 'niteangel' ! :grin:

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Nice build. Sort of reminds me of the Ambulance ship (thing?) from Firefly.

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Very sleek, looks like it could get the injured to the hospital FAST! I like the detail inside, as well. Nice work.

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Thanks! :D

And actually I think it is a good "continuation" of the rescue team, as we had something like that before already in the City series:



And now we are here at the future (not present haha) and so we can move forward! Thanks for the support!

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Cool design. What camera settings are you using? I think it can help your product presentation if you can get more of your model in focus like the pictures on the LEGO boxes.

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