Review of LEGO City Fire Station 60004

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Hi All,

We recently picked up the LEGO City Fire Station 60004!

It's pretty tall and full of fun with awesome play, my kid can attest to it.


Was thinking this might be a good set for parts for a future MOD project.

Though it would probably still need quite a bit of parts seeing that there are now walls. But hey that's fun on my part.

Anyway its our first CITY building and it was a fun build, the multiple vehicles are a plus point.


It doesn't have as many pieces and Minifigures as compared to the Police Station 60047 but it still comes with a good amount Firefigher Minifigures.

(Different type of play I guess)


Hope everyone enjoys my take on it, the full review and detailed pics here

Look forward to MOD-ing this set, if my kid agrees to it of course:)

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The quality of your picture is astonishing. I wish there were more...

Thanks Kinggregus. Maybe more pics when I ever get around to doing our Fire Station Modular MOC.

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Great review. I have this set as well, and it has a lot of playability. I do agree with your complaints about the set but nothing that a few simple mods couldn't fix...

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