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The crimson wizard retires to his dark tower in order to reflect, plan and gather his thoughts. No one enters the dark tower except the sorcerer himself. He has stricken every plant and tree on the surrounding grounds except the red anemone. He has caused this flower to flourish. No one knows how or why.

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and critique. Thanks!








Visit my Brickshelf page for more pictures.

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What no comments yet?

I like the darK color usage and all the dead vegetation around, it really looks cursed! Nice use of droid arms for trees!

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This is very nice, Regenerate Builder!

The black and dark brown go very well together, especially with the black trees and the bright red flowers. I also like the texture variation in the black using regular and round bricks. The rooflines create a visual appeal with the different angles, and the small projecting rooms on the towers are great!

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