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Here's my creation for the C-Model contest:

Made from set 42026 and 42007


Inspired by the "side wheeler riverboats" of old found on the Mississippi river, I made this boat. If they had powerboats in the 1800's on the Mississippi river, I think this is what it would have looked like :laugh:

A grand total of 401 parts (including spare parts) to play with this is the result:




Since I had some parts left over I added some details on top of the fake 2 cylinder engine.




To utilize the springs I decided to make a little "bumper" out of the bow of the boat. Nobody likes their Lego crashing into walls after all, so this softens the blow a little.


I think this is the first model I made where I didn't have enough black pins (as if any AFOL doesn't have enough of those :grin:), luckily both sets provide plenty of blue 3L pins, but to not ruin the look of the model I tried to hide these as much as possible in the bottom of the boat.


The "cloud of smoke" coming out of the exhaust pipe can move up and down.


The "side paddler" wheels are attached to the mechanism that lowers and raises the "cloud of smoke".



I also made a (very) short video demonstrating the model:

In the end I had 22 parts (including the spare parts the sets provide) left over:


Hope you guys like it and had a little laugh like I did making and playing with this :sweet:

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Does it float? ;-)



Given the number of wheels and the volume of air inside them I think it could even float a bit!

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Thanks everybody for the very nice comments.

Perhaps I should try if it floats ;)

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