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As part of my new member introduction, I'd like to present you some of my MOCs I have made over the past 5 years. Of course they are all long destroyed and have made place for new constructions.

First is a MOC that dates back from early 2010 and represents a drawbridge.

The inspiration came from this gem I photographed on a trip to Amsterdam:


I liked very much how lightly this bridge is constructed with its lattice structures and guyed pillars.

Of course I tried to stay very close to this aspect. With the counterweight on top, it was easy to motorize the lifting roadway without putting any strain on the motor and transmission.

This is how it turned out:


And how it looks in opened state:


The transmission is very simple and made with the few elements I had at the time. Most important was a high reduction, so I used 2 x worm screw / 8T gear and finally 8T / 24T, resulting in a total reduction of 1:192. The lifting velocity was quite realistic with this setup (ca. 10–15 seconds).


I hope our fans of non-wheeled Technic like this MOC!

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As a Dutchie I ofcourse have to approve of this! Very original, looking forward to your other creations.

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Thanks for your replies!

Unfortunately, I didn't take a video when I made the bridge. And since it has been disassembled a long time ago, there won't be any.

However, I think it should be very easy to reconstruct, so whoever wants to see it moving can build their own ;-) Sorry, no instructions or LDD files available...

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I love wheeled mocs but you can't not like a clever moc. Your bridge is great shame there's no video. Might build it.

H :thumbup:

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