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Galaxy Squad Star VPRs

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Hey there! After looking at some images of the prototype model of the Space Police III Raid VPR, I decided to build it up and adapt it for the Galaxy Squad theme. I started off with a single Viper, but ended up making a unique fighter for each of the four Galaxy Squad teams. Each team's Star VPR has a little gimmick feature exclusive to their craft.


Green Team's fighter emphasizes their squad's role of artillery. This unit features detachable missiles: two high maneuverability missiles and two heavy warheads. In addition to the standard GS rifles, the green fighter's other weapons (inward to outward) are two high-penetration railguns, two high-explosive autocannons, and two rapid-fire vulcan machinecannons at the wing roots.


The blue fighter most closely resembles the legendary Vic Viper and is the most technologically sophisticated, reflecting Blue Team's specialty. In addition to flick-fire missiles and the standard GS rifles, the blue fighter is capable of absorbing energy from destroyed Bugoid craft to power itself up with various laser weaponry (fired from the two long forward prongs), shields, and other "optional" features.


Red Team's fighter focuses on raw speed and maneuverability. Its supercharged engine and triple thrusters more than make up for its lack of raw firepower. Further, by flipping the wings up, this craft becomes stable enough to perform as a high speed ground attack unit. It features twin laser cannons, while the rear of the craft stows one standard GS handgun and energy blade for the pilot.


Last but not least is Orange Team. Sheer firepower is their game, and their fighter reflects this with no less than six plasma cannons with variable modes of fire. Charged energy blasts, concentrated beams, or rapid-fire attacks. A subreactor feeding power directly into the four front cannons ensures that the pilot can keep his fingers right on the trigger. If the plasma isn't enough, the orange fighter comes packing with the same fusion bomblet equipped on the Eradicator Mech, certain to obliterate any Bugoid installation.

Hope you guys like these! Feedback always appreciated.

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