The Viridescent Viper

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15700345799_05cf343a34_z.jpgThe Viridescent Viper by mpoh98, on Flickr

Hey All!

Well, I decided to join in Nnovvember. :) Built this little Vic Viper last night, what fun! I had a blast building it, and stickering it as well. Some areas were a pain to get the sticker to be exactly right (for example on the 2 front wings, I put 4 tiny olive-green stickers over the cracks), but the end result was satisfying.

I had a lot of fun building this Vic Viper for Nnovvember, and hope to next year as well!

15699081560_2d76894344_z.jpgThe Viridescent Viper by mpoh98, on Flickr

15266743523_3de280970e_z.jpgThe Viridescent Viper by mpoh98, on Flickr

15700345619_fd13665c2e_z.jpgThe Viridescent Viper by mpoh98, on Flickr


Soli Deo Gloria!


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