Using Scala/Galidor minifigures as drivers in Technic MOCs

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After Milan released his Tricycle Camper with Galidor series figure as driver, I thought about using Scala figures in big technic MOCs


For example, this brave and cute man is 22 studs tall = 17.6 cm. It is 1:10 - 1:10,5 scale figure. As I understand, his arms and legs are customizable, so he can sit at one of MOC Supercars well. Am I right?


another exmaple: 19 studs = 15.2 cm


As for Galidor - they are too "cyborg".

What do you think?

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I was interested to see opinions on this as well.

Anyway...Galidor figure is bigger than Scala figure. Galidor is made aprox in 1:7 Scale, so he cant fit 1:10 Supercars. But he can easily fit larger mocs, where extreme body positions are required. Galidor figure can move everything, in every dimension. Feet, lower leg, upper leg, torso, arms, shoulders...just look at this cool moc:


made by: Kyle Peckham

In that Camper, I had to use custom brick built legs and torso, just because Galidor figure has stiff joints, too stiff for him to easily move his legs via pedals.. Dimensions of the figure is exact match to Galidor figure.

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