MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

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Love the 'remodelling'. I have also considering buying this for the sole purpose of re working it into a modular. Apart from baseplate and pavement tiles, would you say it contains enough to build something viable? I know you have already but I want to copy your excellent example.

Hi Lankygit,

To be honest 1 x 31026 set doesn't really have enough to be a full modular, as you can see from the build I didn't have enough bricks to go across the 32x32 baseplate hence the structure ended up being a small end lot.

This build already used extra white bricks to get to this size, I had to add some dark grey bricks for the base as well. I did have left overs from the original set like the tall roof tiles, black and some azure (blue) bricks.

I really wanted to work with only 1 set which only provided me with about ~60-70% of parts needed to do this build, if you really want a full size modular one will need to get 2 sets as most have done, some have used 3 sets.

My only issue with multiple sets is that the architectural features tend to be repetitive.

Wow, that's a very nice little modular redesign! You should try making the other building too.

Hey CityBuilder, unfortunately there weren't enough left over parts to do the other/another building as I mixed both buildings from the original set, Top half white and blue, bottom half uses the brown and black....but now you got me thinking of what to do with the leftovers....hmmm

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