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Tomb Raider on tour

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Hello folks,

I'm new around here so I'm not sure if I have the right forum..... this one seemed the most interesting and certainly the most diverse!

I've only been building MOCs as an AFOL for a couple of years so I don't have too many to show. Also, this is my first year to exhibit ( previously, my MOCs just got played with by my children for a while then got broken up)

This model is based on the classic Tomb Raider video game (the first one) and features Lara in level 3, the Lost Valley. It's going to be on display at Brick2014 in London next week so I'm pretty excited.

• G A L L E R Y •


click above image for direct gallery link





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Dinos! And very detailed temple! Love all the plantlife and the rocks. Just for comparison can you post pictures of the real deal?


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I used screenshots of the actual video game to design and lay out the model as accurately as possible and to keep it all to the correct scale. I also had to make sure the caves and hidey-holes were in the right places. Lara got killed by the T-rex several times before I got it all done!

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