After 60056 was released last year I made it a point that I would one day build the flagship truck from my favorite TV show "Highway Thru Hell" which focuses on the dangers of a driving in the winter on highway about 3 hours from where I live. (The show is on Discovery in Canada, Weather Network in the USA or National Geographic in other countries). This truck is a lot larger than 60056 as it is a Tri-Axel Tow truck with 3 wheels in the back vs 2 in the set. Includes sleeper cab, work light mast, two winch lines, rotating boom arm. . The Rotator or HR-150 is the flagship of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue's fleet. Unlike the other trucks in the fleet the boom arm is on a pedestal which rotates around and can lift entire truck wrecks, a great advantage to have recovering wrecks in the twists and turns of the Coquihalla Highway or the narrow Fraser Canyon. Dispatching the Rotator isn't taken lightly, it costs over $400 in fuel to get this truck to the top of the Coq' from Hope.