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Back in August I was inspired by gsia17's Citroen Saxo preview to build a rally car.Sadly I don't have a buggy motor so I made the next best thing, a large scale model of the best rally car in the history of man kind, the Audi 80 Quattro Rally. This was my hardest build yet; it had many firsts for me. I used the 42000 Grand Prix's hubs for the double wishbone independent suspension on all wheels. I had trouble making the front suspension, steering, and power transfer with a differential so I made it hard coupled. I used CV joints with the 42000 steered hubs for the front which makes it have a terrible steering angle.

Some pictures:


A preview video is on my YouTube channel but I am editing the main video right now. I will update this post tomorrow and/or in days to come.

Thank You,

Epic Technic

Please give comments, I want to know how to improve and what did well! :)

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Very cool and nicely detailed! Keep it up! By the way I agree with you, the Audi 80 Quattro rally is the best racing car in the world!

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