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Lego DC Superheroes Painting

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Here is a recent project I did with my spare time and acrylic paint, I hope you like it.


Lego DC Superheroes Acryllic Painting by Kez., on Flickr

Also here is some sketches that I did to create the proportions for the painting.


Lego superhero drawing-Flash by Kez., on Flickr


Lego superhero drawing-Batman by Kez., on Flickr


Lego superhero drawing-Robin by Kez., on Flickr


Lego superhero drawing-Joker by Kez., on Flickr


Lego superhero drawing-Bane by Kez., on Flickr

As always, comments and criticisms are always appreciated, thanks for taking your time to look. :classic:

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Thanks for the kind comments.

^Harley Quinn is also a personal favourite of mine as I feel that I managed to capture her true minifigure appearance compared to that with the likes of the Flash or Joker's goon, lol. :classic:

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Thanks clutch; I totally agree with you on the arm part, it was quite hard to create the template of the minifigures I had drawn onto card then cut out and stuck onto the mount board. I'm also glad that you really like my Batman (it was the drawing of the original batcave Batman version). :classic:

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