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Hulks back and he's angry. The Avengers years ago, sent Hulk into deep space realizing his anger was to unpredictable. Many things happened to Hulk on his journey. Needless to say he's back and ready to say "thanks" to his fellow teammates. Things only get worse when a new threat emerges to take advantage of the situation. Ultron will rise. Hulk will rage war. Tony will loose his mind. A new era is building up, secrets to be revealed, puzzles to be solved, not everything is as it

appears to be.

Directed, Written, Animated, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer

Cliff Thompson as Iron Man Jarvis, and Ultron

Connor Sheehy as Spider Man

HyperVoiceActing as Thor, Hulk

Jack Renard as Hawkeye

Josh Lambright as Dr Doom

Special thanks to Wendy Morales, Sejung Kwak, Sara Kang, and Michael Ruiz

About the Film:

The whole process of making this took about 3 weeks total. The main objective for this film was to further develop an understanding with color grading, lens flares, and motion controlled lightning. Also note that the suit Iron Man dons in this film is the Hulkbuster suit version 1. After it gets jumbled around by Hulk, Tony's gonna have to make a few new adjustments

which we may see later down the line...

Next months film is an original project I've been working on for a year. All of the films made this year have been test

projects for this one. After that I will continue the JL/Avengers story Arc on a regular schedule throughout 2015.

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Thanks for watching!

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Pretty good! Did you actually buy the SDCC minifigs, or were you a lucky winner at SDCC?

I've been luckily able to win all SDCC minifigures so far except for 2. Green Arrow I had to buy. And I'm still missing the black suit superman.

@Ex cinno Thanks! I love making these films to learn new special effects. So it's really nice to know others liked it. :sweet:

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