[MOC] Intergalactic Girl's Vic Viper

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It's NoVVember !


I wanted a colourful spaceship for my Intergalactic Girl, and I saw NoVVember was coming, so here it is.

The many colours (5 pinks, 3 purples and teal), large amount of metallic grey, reflective surfaces and transparent parts make it a bit hard to photograph correctly, so it looks much more convoluted on the pics than it actually is. Sorry about that.

It's rather limited on play features: two missiles and a hook for the gun, but it's easy to handle and has a good "swoosh" factor. :)






And the bonus pic:


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Awesome! Love the design and the colors. Those lightening bolts really add to it! I was just on Flickr looking for the start of NoVVember 2014 and saw this!

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