[ MOC ] Mr. Freeze and his Arctic Core

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Mr. Freeze is back! And no, this time he is not to freeze anyone, but to free his frozen wife Nora Fries, and let her enjoy the city like normal people. However, he must first freeze the entire Gotham first!

His new machine Arctic Core is a hovercraft, and the turret-like equipment is actually a drill! Don't laugh at a non-rotatable turret because it is not really a turret, but a game changer! While it can fire freeze ray to straight-on targets, it can also freeze the ground, turning the ground into ice and letting the air drill crack the ground open. Then, his secret cryogeneration core can then be injected into the ground and let it slowly turn the surrounding into ice! Gradually, the Gotham city will finally become an ice world, where he and his wife can live forever without the cage or suit!

Now Batman has to find a way to stop him!

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Complete set, with Nora Fries in the cryogenics chamber waiting to be freed.



The cockpit, in which Mr. Freeze controls the ship...


This is the mobile mode. The two turbines (rotatable) can be flipped up and the ship can move at full speed now. Batman, run!


View the ship upfront...


From the side, Action Mode vs Mobile Mode


The two sides of the ship are hovering devices. Moving on the ice or snow will never be a problem now...


Batman this time has to deal with two villains, one of ice and one of fire. How is he going to prepare for the battle? Thank you!

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That thing gives me chills... Looks like a real set, I see you used the chima transparent blue elements to make the craft really icy-looking. Nice job.

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Thanks! :D and I did prepare quite some Chima transparent parts, but it ends up using just a few of them. Those parts are also from Ultra Agents :D

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Perfect choice for the colour scheme. It conveys a cool mood and the desolate nature of an arctic wasteland, so appropriate for the kind of world Freeze envisions. Great work!

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