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Micro-Space fly-in at AFOLCON/Brick2014

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Back when Warren first announced AFOLCON/'The Lego Show', I took a wild stab in the dark & as well as requesting an area for my own models, I thought I'd put a request in for a area for a collaborative display of 'micro'/'nano'-scale space ships.

Now with the event is only a month away, it's time to throw the doors open ...

Details at



ExCel London 26th-30th November 2014

Interested in Micro-/Nano-Space scale models?

Registered as an Exhibitor at AFOLCON 2014?

If ‘yes’ to both, you’re invited to ‘fly-in’ to the collaborative Micro/Nano-Space display at AFOLCON/BRICK 2014!

Contribute to the rag-tag fleet of space-based Refugees, Imperiums, Federations, Independents, Raiders, Pirates,Aliens, Ancients & More ...

Also check out the Flickr group here -

Or email me directly -

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