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I present my Monster truck made out of sets 42026: Black Champion Racer and 42005: Monster Truck.

Features are pull & go motor, shocks, reclining seat, and a flag.

15629280266_f2310bd563_c.jpg by Dapper-D2, on Flickr

15629278446_32e0856eb4_c.jpg by Dapper-D2, on Flickr

15032844693_d18c039d55_c.jpg by Dapper-D2, on Flickr

15653811592_286ba7534e_c.jpg by Dapper-D2, on Flickr


Left over parts.

15653138405_929af2b165_c.jpg by Dapper-D2, on Flickr


Note: Technic is totally outside my comfort zone.

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I thought about that, but wasn't sure if it would work real well with the pull back feature. I thought it might travel all over the place instead of a straight line. I'm going to be taking this apart and attempting something else. This type of building is new to me as far as MOCs are concerned and I need the practice. Thanks for your feedback!

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