[WIP] RC Bike Prototype

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Hello guys

i don't know if you were following the other bikes thread...

I decided not to hijack that and make my own one


the point of this thread is not SHOWING you a model but actually getting ideas from you on how to make my prototype work properly.

this is what i got for now

it kinda works but it's still very unstable and i'd need way more space to countersteer once it starts leaning left or right to keep it straight.

Another problem is given by flat surfaces...the RC motor gives the wheel so much power that it's like driving a real bike on ice

if anyone of you has more space than me and would like to test it you're welcome :)

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so here's the MK II

it works better as the rear tyre is way wider than the other

unfortunately i have to solve a weight distribution problem

when the bike leans to the right, as its heavier on the left can get up...in the opposite case it doesnt...

if it's perfectly balanced i think it could work properly

the main goal is making it go straight xD

are there any heavy pieces i could add for counterweight on the right side?



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First of all i've never attempted such a build... but i was thinking maybe you can make a mechanism which allows you to adjust lateral weight distribution.

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Could you try removing the steering system? It would lower the center of gravity significantly and would maybe allow for the front wheel to self centre, like a riderless bicycle? It might be though that Lego tyres lack the weight to provide a meaningful gyroscopic effect at the speeds achievable.

I've never tried it, but I've wondered if the action of spinning a M-Motor, unconnected to any sort of steering mechanism, either left or right would have enough of an effect on it's own to cause a turn.

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actually the steering system works fine and it's centered

the problem it has lays on the rear axle wich has the weight on the left due to the RC motor shape

you might be right about the M motor

i've tried to add more weight inside the wheel and it seems a little bit better

still the lack of grip is quite relevant


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THe heavier the wheels, the better, as it will have a gyroscopic effect (is this the proper term?), helping to keep it upright. I've been playing around with ani idea in my head, using the servo motor to shift some kind of weight from left to right and center to make it steer. What stopped me from making prototypes is the same problem you're facing: lack of space :laugh: You'd need a basketball court or something similarly sized

Like yours is now, the steering angle is way to big relative to the speed at which it travels. On my bike thought experiment, I think shifting the weight would be enough to get it to steer.

A bike like this needs to go fast in order to maintain stability. I'm certain it will work!

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Third prototype

Finally this one is giving me some results

it's still a little bit unbalanced to the right

i need to add some counterweight more to the left

but i have to modify the chassis first to make the IR reciver fit inside of it.

what im gonna do tomorrow is lower the battery by one stud so the reciver and the plugs fit perfectly inside of it

and the two grey supports as well so the bike will lean less than now

this one is the one who made more way straight before losing balance

what i want to achieve is allowing the bike to get back straight once it's leaning left or right so it can also start while being still :)

im kinda happy with the overall shape as well lol

hope you'll like it...and i really hope ill manage to get it right so everyone can have fun with it :P



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Fourth prototype

looks better and seems more stable but i won't know if it really works until i bring it on some concrete

the marble i have on my floor makes it drift too easy


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i still can't really tell...

to stay upright it should run...and i'd need way more space and a surface with more grip to test it :\

it kinda works but there's still lot to do before claiming a win :D

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