MEC Category B: Travelers' Inn

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Hello all, this is my entry for the EB Middle Earth Contest in the category B: The Age of Men. I really enjoyed building this and for one time I was able to furnish the second floor too: we can see the bed with a small sideboard, as some weapons to use during the hunting, or, in case of extreme need, against any attackers. On the first floor, some tables with cups and mugs to be filled with water, wine or beer and a small fireplace to cook food. Outside, a fountain to water the horses and Jarvis cleaning the small lay-by in front of the house, ready to welcome every traveler who wants to stop, while his wife takes care of the kitchen and the home.

Thanks for hosting this great contest, I really enjoyed building in the Middle Earth. I hope you enjoy, and good luck to the other contestants! :classic:

Enjoy! :sweet:


During the Age of Men travelling became once again safe, the legions of orcs were far away, kept at a distance by the armies of men which kept the travelling ways secure too.

The resumption of travelling proved to also be a possible source of income and Jarvis, with the aid of his wife, builded this little tavern, to offer passing travelers refreshment. Today, two dwarfs, come in search of a glass of wine and a snack in their long travel.






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