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Ninja Nin

[SoNE Freebuild 4] Reunion on Redemption

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Previously from Ninja Nin’s SoNE story :


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[soNE Freebuild 4] Reunion on Redemption

After the Battle of Sullust, for the first time in the past 6 months, I finally returned to the Redemption.

I was greeted by fellow Rebels in the Command Centre, and surprisingly, Mon Mothma was there.

Although we lost our chance to capture Boba Fett, we celebrated another victory in a close match against the Empire.


Graham Gidman bought us a cake to the party.

MKJoshA was too tired after commanding this entire operation. He got his promotion, and now he finally could take some rest. Or could he ?

I had a short conversation with Mon Mothma, Commander LegoFjotten and Bob de Quatre.


15406788930_473d43c317_s.jpgAs I said, the right bright side always wins !

14971654644_542473304a_s.jpgGreetings Mon Mothma.

15406288938_1b419fff2d_s.jpgGreetings Ninja Nin.

It ‘s good to see you back in the Alliance and survived.

I’m sorry that the search team couldn’t find any sign of you back in Sullust.

How did you manage to survive after the battle ?

14971655594_de284134e5_s.jpgOne more thing, how did you learn about our operation in this Episode mission ?

14971654644_542473304a_s.jpgI was rescued by General Nagato, and he provided me the information to track down Boba Fett.

14971655594_de284134e5_s.jpgGeneral Who ?

15406288938_1b419fff2d_s.jpg (suddenly looks unhappy) General Cier Nagato, one of the students from the legendary General Kota.

Ninja Nin, we’ll discuss this in later time. I think we should start our briefing for the next mission.



Redemption Command Centre vignette

Expanding from the design of the SoNE main page by the staff.

Sorry that I cannot include all of the Rebel members.

Hope you ‘ll like it and can you name all the Rebels ?

And yes I want this to be judged. Thanks.

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You are a crazy MOCer :laugh: :laugh: .

This build is an perfect end to this episode.

Fantastic work on the room and the next great part is that you have integrated so many member from SoNE - good idea and looking very good!

Can only say congrates and see us in the next Episode battle.


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You have re-created the feel of the Redemption perfectly! I love how many members you've included and as icing on the cake, you've given us a spoiler for your next set of builds!

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Wow, I haven't seen Sarge in a while. Great freebuild, and terrific photography.

Rebel scum! :devil:

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Very cool build! I really like the details of the computers on the wall and the trans line under the white platforms look really cool. Though the gaps bother me a bit - maybe you should just go for a straight corner build? The inclusion of other characters sure is fun and I see you used some of my ideas for swaping the yellow with flesh ...

Isn't it nice to see all the figs in flesh!?

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Why do I get the feeling that I would not be invited to this party?

Except maybe to stand guard outside. I would probably only be comfortable standing guard outside even if I was invited.

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