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Up next in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs from the 80's, is the ISP-6, Imperial Shuttle Pod. This is basically a mini version of the Imperial Shuttle seen in Return of the Jedi.

The ISP-6 Imperial Shuttle Pod, was a small air/space vehicle used by the Imperial forces.

A single-seat vehicle with a tri-wing configuration reminiscent of the larger Lambda-class shuttle, the ISP-6 was probably designed by Sienar Fleet Systems or Cygnus Spaceworks. It was a fast, compact transport, designed to be deployed from larger shuttles, and it was armed with two defensive blaster cannons for operations in combat zones. It also possessed a rear-view mirror to spot Rebel fighters from behind.


After building is and getting the proportions about right, I looked and there was enough room for Vader as well as some cargo. I put a passage behind him, but, that may change when I build this early next year. Then again, I may have an Imperial Pilot fly this and have Vader kick back and relax while he does all the work.

Going back to my MLC-3. The proportion of Lego mini-figs and Kenner Star Wars figures is way different. This design may fit an old Kenner fig, but, it's Lego so I may go with 2 figs in it.


Wings up, landing gear down.



There are 2 hinges on the top canopy, to access the whole interior of the ship. Wings fold up and down. Landing gear doesn't fit in the ship, it's too small of a build, they need to be taken when swooshing this around.

I'm not completely happy with the nose. I may work on this later, but, I like it and think it fits in with the rest of the Kenner Mini-Rigs, thus far.

I attacked the file to this if anybody would like to look at it or try to build this.

This model is the second largest Mini-Rig I built, with 332 pieces in it. The MTV-7, has the highest pieces count, the MTV-7, Multi Terrain Vehicle will be posted tomorrow.

Thanks for looking, Jamie

9 - EU - Mini Rig - ISP-6 - Imperial Shuttle Pod.lxf

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As with all of the mini rigs you've created I love it.

This one especially though... and it's great that you've managed to make room for a second pilot in there too!

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I really like this one! The Lambda is my favourite ship in SW... and you've made the kenner toy/mini lambda extremely well! Even better it fits 2 minifigs :P

With regards to the landing gear, a method I saw of doing it, can't remember where from so, sorry for not crediting it... but remove the 2 1x3 inverted double slopes. Replace with a 1x2 hinge brick, add a 1x6 plate to the bottom of it, and then add the skis to the bottom of that... Works really well, just depends if you prefer simply removing the current landing gear to give a sleeker look, or would like functioning landing gear :)

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Thanks guys, I'm having alot of fun doing these Mini-Rigs.

But, I didn't stop there. I have completed the Body-Rigs from the 80's Kenner Star Wars line. I am also working on The White Witch, The ATL Fighter, and Side Gunner from the Droids cartoon in the 80's. I also, just finished the, Freight-Loading External Rover, which wasn't ever produced as a toy. So there are just pics of it floating around. But, I did manage to get it to dock the a MF, atleast in LDD.

I'll post more tomorrow. I don't want to flood the boards with 20 different MOCs. One a day shouldn't get me into trouble.


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