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Hello everyone!

I just found out about this group via the Facebook page. When I came over I saw the 5th LDD RCB and that it was a Western town theme. I was immediately interested in knowing what else this group did. I am following now following that thread and looking forward to seeing the final product.

I started playing with LEGOs when I was about 5. I have always loved horses so my earliest sets all contained at least one horse. I had used the LDD 4-6 times over the past 8 years, but this site has inspired me to get back into using it.

My favorite themes are Western, Medieval (particularly Robin Hood era), and Imperials (particularly modified to the American Revolution.) Last year, I also started building a Christmas village using a combination of the winter village sets and my own creations.

I am presently going to college for my Master's and working full time so I stay too busy. However, I do enjoy playing PC games or building LEGOs when I have time.

Most of my creations are MODs or small MOCs that are added to existing sets to fill them out. I will work on getting some pictures up of things I have done. I look forward to learning new techniques and getting new ideas from this group.

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Welcome to Eurobricks, SilentWolf!

I am waiting to see what you have to show and I hope you enjoy your time and learning here.

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