Hello Eurobricks! I am from West Sussex, UK

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Hello everyone! :classic:

My name is Chris, and I am a lifelong Lego fan from West Sussex in the UK. On the desk in front of me, I have a Volkswagen T1 Camper, modified Cuusoo DeLorean (with a number of MOC props from the Back to the Future films, of which I am a big fan), and a minifig-scale MOC VW camper with two BTTF Libyan terrorists! I look forward to sharing my photos of those MOCs with you, and asking for a little advice with a pet project I have been struggling with for a few months.

I'm an occasional user of a few other Lego sites, online communities and tools. I subscribe to /r/Lego on Reddit for inspiration, use LDD to build my models, and head over to BrickLink and Brick Owl to buy the pieces I need to assemble them from bricks, not bits!

I look forward to being a part of this community too.

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Welcome to Eurobricks, ChrisPhilpot!

I am interested in seeing pictures of your MOCs and your contributions to the community.

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Hello ChrisPhilpot

Good to have you with us. Nice to welcome a fellow Brit to Eurobricks.

Being a fairly regular visitor to West Sussex, particulay Felpham, Selsey & the surrounding area, I know you live in a lovely part of our beautiful country.

Look forward to seeing your builds.

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