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Hello everyone!

Here is my new MOC - a Gilnean house from World of Warcraft game:



Gilneas is one of human Seven Kingdoms in the world of Azeroth. Initially it was in the Alliance but after the Second War proud king Genn Greymane ordered to construct a high wall at its borders and to isolate his country from the rest of the world. During the Third War the Undead Scourge attacked the wall and then royal archmage Arugal unleashed worgen, the ferocious wolf-like creatures. The attack was fought back but the worgen curse spread in the kingdom itself, turning people into werewolves. The situation was further worsened by the Cataclysm which shattered the Greymane Wall and sharp sea reefs and by Forsaken undead which attacked the already devastated kingdom. Gilneans, both human and worgen, had to rejoin the Alliance again and left their homeland with the help of Night Elves.

Gilneas is one of my favourite World of Warcraft zones, the others being Blood Elven Eversong Woods and Dwarven Loch Modan. It's very gloomy and stylish place. This kingdom was rainy and foggy even earlier, but with the worgen curse and the war it became more inhospitable. Its style resembles the mix of Regency Era England and Transylvania as it is depicted in horror films. Gilneas is one of two human kingdoms with its own unique architecture. Gilnean buildings are mostly post and beam, built around large timber frames. Also they are heavily influenced by Neogothic style.

Initially I planned to built this house from Gilneas City (it is in the centre with Light's Dawn Cathedral in the background):


But then I ran out of parts, so I decided to make a simpler building and to relocate it to a countryside:


I've changed a layout a bit and didn't replicate the building strictly.


This house is somewhere in Gilnean forests. It's inhabited by a four-people family. The parents' names are Sam and Catherine, and the children's names are James and Mary. They were invented specifically for this MOC and didn't appear in the game.

Side view:


Another side view:


Rear view:


The balcony with wooden railing:


Mary overlooks the forest:


There is a little garden behind the house:


The family is harvesting crops:


This door leads into the basement:


Where terrible spiders live!


In Azeroth they can grow up to that size and even larger!

Walls with timber frames:


The small grave - maybe, someone of the family's ancestors is buried there:


The chimney looks like castle or cathedral tower:


In the second floor there is a high gothic window with stained glass:


A protruding beam under the roof:


The entrance to the house:


There are two lamps near the door. Red Gilnean roses grow in front of the house.

Sam is going to hunt with his dog:


The house consists of eight modules:


They are the plate, the ground floor, three first floor modules, the second floor and the attic.

The green plate without the house:


The basement from the inside:


The steps and pillars in front of the door:


The autumn apple tree:


And another tree has already lost its leaves:


The ground floor:


I designed the interior by myself because in-game buildings look like movie sets rather than real houses.

The stairs lead to the first floor. There are pictures on the wall. Also there is an arms rack near the fireplace. It houses muskets, pistols and a rapier:


The balcony can also be easily detached:


The dining table with different food:


The family is having a dinner:


At the other side there are a small table and two barrels. The first one is with wine, and the second one is with useful tools:


The carpet and two chairs near the fireplace:


There you can warm after going to the cold Gilnean forest. Also this fireplace can be used for cooking.

The fireplace with added chimney:


The fireplace arch from the outside:


The stone chimney is large and tall:


The fire and charcoals:


It connects with the house using two pins.

Here you can see where the basement was:


The first floor consists of three modules. Here is the first floor room:


The stairs lead to the second floor, and the doors lead to rooms under the roof:


Also the roof above the door is added to this room.

That's how it works:


This is a chilren's room. It has a double-decker bed:


There is a toy box near the bed.

Mary and James on the bed:


The stairs:


The room near the balcony:


There are a chest and a table:


The second roof module is near the chimney, so its wall is blank:


It houses the bathroom and the toilet:


The second floor:


The ladder on the wall leads to the attic.

In this room there are Sam and Catherine's bed and a desk where Sam makes his experiments:


It looks like Sam is not only a hunter, but also an alchemist and an amateur astronomer:


He has flasks, an ancient magical scroll and a map with some troll ruins (maybe in the Hinterlands or in the Swamp of Sorrow) on his desks.

The final roof module:


From the other side:


You can see the interior only after removing a roof:


There are only a chest and cobwebs.

Now let's assemle the house, It can be done the only way.


With the ground floor:


With the left roof module:


With the first floor room:


With the second roof module:


With the chimney:


With the second floor:


With the roof - it's ready!


More photos:




And finally, a small story.

Once upon a time, at night in Gilneas...

"It's a strange noise outdoors, Sam."

"I'll have a look now, Kate. I'll take my gun and torch. Come, Pitbull!"



Sam bypassed his house and saw a strange creature, an anthropomorphic wolf in a ragged suit and in a tophat.


Sam and his dog chased the worgen in the garden:


They ran past the grave, and a ghost living there began to howl:


The worgen moved too fast for a human. But the hunter with his dog brought him to the tree:


The worgen climbed high (and a crow sitting on branches seemingly didn't notice him) and jumped back on the ground:


Sam chased him and was amazed when he saw this creature near his wife and children:


"Keep calm, Sam. It's my uncle Henry!"

"Are you mad?" - Sam asked wonderlingly.

"No," - the worgen answered in human language, - "I have fallen to the worgen curse, but night elf druids managed to save my mind. We aren't anymore the beasts you hunted. We can even become human at will."

Then he turned back to human, and all recognized Uncle Henry:


Sam was astonished but soon he became happy like the others.

And here is another bonus. After the Cataclysm the Horde and the Alliance fought for Gilneas:


The Gilnean worgen joined the Alliance and fought with enemies of Stormwind in respond to night elves' help.


Thank you for watching!

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Very nice!!!! Only problem is...well guess its not a problem but I want to get sucked back into WOW again now.. LOL

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This works well as a stand alone house. I've never played the game. My wife has lost too many people to it, plus I didn't have interest in it. But I like what you have built here.

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Thank you all for comments! :classic:

This works well as a stand alone house. I've never played the game. My wife has lost too many people to it, plus I didn't have interest in it. But I like what you have built here.

I had an idea to make this as a stand alone house but I liked how a Chima wolf looks in a top hat. And then, I thought I should pay the credit.

And for me, Warcraft is not an addictive multiplayer online game which it has become now. I've been a fan of Warcraft since my childhood, when it was a strategy game. And I consider it as just another fantasy universe, very much like Middle-Earth.

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This is the best Warcraft MOC I've seen. The house is very professionally built, but my favorite part is how you recreated the various races of the Alliance and Horde in that last pics.

While I wish Lego had the Warcraft license (though it's probably best they don't since I'd be broke) instead of that other building toy company, a license is barely needed since Castle themes already look pretty Warcrafty. Just compare the Horse in 2013's King's Castle to the paladin's epic mount.

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I'll be honest, I don't like it much.

To me, Gilneas is a much darker place then what you created. Also Gilnean buildings heavily influence on gothic architecture, what i fail to see in your building.

Just my 2 cents but if you change the setting much darker, i think it would do so much more..

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That's a really nice looking house that would look good for any castle setting.

The only thing I think it needs is something on the peak of the roof to close up the gap between the plates.

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